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AstraQom International is the one truly global VoIP provider for business. More than business phone service, we can satisfy all of your communications needs in one superior and bespoke unified solution. Not only do we flawlessly offer first-class client care, but we also bring you the most advanced technology on the market. Don't wait for tomorrow when you can experience the future of telephony today.
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Our Brand

AstraQom was developed from the start as a global business VoIP provider and remains one of the very fast growing business VoIP operators, offering mainly flexible telephony related solutions using leading-edge technology backed by extraordinary client care.

AstraQom understands that businesses need a communications partner with solutions that scale and adapt as their business needs change. They may need a few phones lines for voice or they may require a fully Unified Communications that enables sharing of documents, video conferencing and access to corporate applications from any location.

Whatever their size and whatever their need, we are constantly looking for new, innovative ways to help our business clients grasp every opportunity in a simple and straightforward way.

Our commitment to the community in which we operate extends beyond the products and services we offer. We support startup initiatives, diversity and immigrant integration and we work with various associations of professionals to bring communication improvements and savings to their members.

Our Industries

AstraQom International is a multi-national holding company that focuses on the VoIP telecommunications sector. Our key area of interest is in retail with some wholesale sector investments as well. Our brands are typically focused on the B2B sector.

Our History

The rise of the VoIP technology has indeed changed the face of telephony, and from its beginning, AstraQom was designed to become the world leader in the VoIP revolution by always bringing together phenomenal innovations and exceptional client service. It was founded by technology executives with decades of experience in the telecom, software development and IT industries.

Our purpose as a global VoIP provider is grounded on the vision to fulfill the need for truly comprehensive and versatile providers that are able to meet the specific requirements of all business types and sizes without any compromise to quality, affordability, reliability, and flexibility. That is our promise to you.

Our Strategy

We are pleased to be the business phone service provider that has rapidly aligned the communications playing fields for small and medium businesses, keeping the office phone system even more reliable, powerful, affordable, scalable and manageable, and at the same time, even more flexible to implement and maintain. Empowering our valued clients with superior technology guarantees their success, and that, is our success.

Our strategy lies in connecting the World with leading-edge technology, one business at a time. We are fully committed to contribute to the growth of your business by placing the power of flawless communications into your hands. Thanks to our global reach, we really understand the needs of a wide variety of businesses, regardless of what niche or market they operate in, and our professionally trained staff is committed to the unfailing provision of a warm and informative service to our existing clients as well as all pre-sales enquiries.

AstraQom is simply the best option in the area of business VoIP communications because we are innovative, smart and client focused. We have unique products, continually develop state-of-the-art technologies, offer great stability, charge fair prices and we are fully empowered to meet today and tomorrow's clients' needs while remaining flexible to treat them as individuals.

Our strategy is to give you all the tools you need to succeed every day and that remains our reason for success and pride.

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AstraQom is the truly global telecommunications group. More than business VoIP service providers, we are the world leaders in the VoIP revolution. Each of our subsidiaries is empowered by our superior, global secure network with the most advanced technology on the market, but with the flexibility to create with you a bespoke unified communications solution, from your Internet link to your customer relations management software, all integrated with your AstraQom phone system.

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Here at AstraQom we strive to always make the latest features and capabilities available, so our customers can make the most of their office phone systems.

We like to empower you by sharing VoIP knowledge and showing you the ways a good voice service integrates with your daily business activity.

Innovation starts with the unique needs of each business, so we invite you to share your thoughts about how business communication should look like tomorrow.

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