10 key questions your new VoIP provider will ask you

VoIP – this new wonder of technology has been helping businesses communicate efficiently for quite a while now and, if you’re a business looking to improve your image, budget and business processes, the decision to look for a VoIP business phone provider could not be better for you.

VoIP services can be confusing sometimes, especially if you’re migrating from a traditional telephone service, and this is where the VoIP Provider’s skills come in to help you choose your best business phone system. To avoid being overwhelmed by the information the VoIP Providers will ask you, we put together a list of questions you should be ready to answer when calling your new potential VoIP phone service provider.


  1. What kind of business phone system do you currently use?

This is important to establish from the beginning to the provider knows to present the service in comparison with a landline

  1. What is the speed of your current Internet connection?

VoIP services run through the Internet so you will need a stable and pretty fast connection

  1. How many people will be using the VoIP phone system?

Usually the packages are based on number of users

  1. What is the estimated number of outgoing minutes that your company will use in one month?

TIP: If you are not sure you can look at the invoices from your current provider

  1. Would you like to use phones, desktop apps or mobile apps?

You might want to use the Hosted PBX with various devices based on the need of mobility

  1. Do you already have VoIP phones? What is the manufacturer/ model?

Providers must ensure that your equipment is compatible with their service

  1. Would you like to keep your phone numbers (port them) or get new ones?

TIP: Ensure that you give the provider your numbers so they can confirm porting is possible

  1. Do you use fax machines? Would you be interested in switching to E-fax?

E-fax is a popular VoIP service that allows you to send and receive faxes using your email

  1. Would you like to use an Auto Attendant, or do you have a receptionist who will take the calls?

The Auto Attendant (or IVR) feature can distribute calls just like a receptionist would do. This is the “For Sales press 1, For Support press 2, etc. option)

  1. Do you make international calls or just towards North American destinations?

Most providers don’t have international calling activated by default so you need to specify that

It is very important that you establish a trusting relationship with your future VoIP Provider. Ensure that all the information provided is as accurate as possible to avoid misunderstandings or delays; it is also important to get a feel of what your support service will be like by asking the account representatives questions. A knowledgeable representative will show confidence in responding to your questions and will know exactly what questions to ask you in order to identify the best VoIP solution. At the end, a nice professional looking quote or proposal will tell you if you’re heading in the right direction with your potential VoIP Provider and VoIP service.

10 Key questions your new VoIP provider will ask you