6 aspects to consider when you buy a Virtual Number

If you search the Internet for a Virtual Number you will find tens of websites of providers offering them; all promise you the best service and the most affordable prices. But how to identify a really good Virtual Number service and how do you make the difference between virtual number providers? Some of the aspects related to these numbers might matter for you more than others; however we do recommend that you verify at least the 6 of the most important factors in our list.


It’s extremely easy to buy Local Virtual Numbers from a bigger carrier and resell them, however that does not make them established providers. If you look closer, you will notice that a lot of them don’t provide the company’s address, don’t list contact numbers and sometimes not even an email address to be contacted at. These details are crucial especially when you have an issue with your service or you want to report a billing issue. Another important aspect is that some of the global virtual number providers might not offer support might not provide support according to your time zone.

Affordable pricing

You will notice sometimes that there are significant differences between the prices of Local Virtual Numbers. From popular services offering the phone numbers for free, to others charging very high rates, they all leave you wondering about the differences and make the decision even harder. Our advice? Go with something in the middle, which is most probably the right price to pay for a Virtual Phone Number. Be very careful when checking setup fees and call forwarding rates, as they could bring the cost of your service up even though they offer cheap virtual phone numbers.


An extended coverage means that you are always free to expand and give your new clients local phone numbers to call. If you have the possibility, verify their social media accounts or website news to see if they are keeping up with the trends and expanding to the new markets. For example, local virtual phone numbers in China are becoming very popular and not widely available; the same happens with India virtual numbers.

Change options and costs

You might want your virtual phone number forwarded to a certain number now, but you might also need to redirect it to another number later; some virtual number providers might not offer the possibility to change your forwarding number at any time, or they charge for the change.

Porting capabilities

If you already have your local numbers and want to keep them while switching providers, it’s important to find out whether all your numbers can be transferred over, and at what cost. Be reminded that porting fees can be another way for them to cover their costs, and you will end up overcharged; the porting of a North American (US or Canada) virtual phone number usually costs less than $15, but there are virtual phone number providers who charge even $35 per number.

Virtual phone number or toll free number for business?

This is one of the most asked questions about virtual numbers. The answer lies in the specific needs of your business, and the result of your internal forecasting and calculation. If you need a local presence in a high number of national or international locations, the monthly fees of your virtual numbers might become very high; at the same time, having one single Toll Free number would be cheaper, but a high volume of calls might bring the fees even higher. Thus, you need to carefully analyze your recent and future needs to determine the most affordable option.

Aspects to consider when you get a virtual numbers Canada