6 SIP Trunking questions answered

SIP Trunking is a VoIP service popular with medium and large businesses that have the resources and manpower to run an in-house PBX system.  It’s a conveniently priced VoIP solution and it gives businesses full control over the configuration of their IP PBX. Today we are dedicated this article to those who are just starting or just considering using this service, for which there might still be unanswered questions causing difficulties in deploying the best PBX and SIP Trunking system.

 What would be a reasonable price for SIP Trunking?

You might find SIP Trunking providers selling SIP Trunks as low as $1/month, and other at $20 a month and wonder what the difference is.  While the difference could be in the number of minutes included in your plan and other features, it could also happen that a cheap SIP provider overselling their capacity (selling the same one trunk to 50 customers for example).  We recommend that you take a close look into your potential SIP provider, especially if prices go below $5 a month for a SIP Trunk.

  1. Can Virtual Numbers be added to a SIP Trunk?

Basically you will have one main number (that will be also the Caller ID) and multiple additional numbers, which can be from anywhere in the world.

  1. Can 911 be dialed if all the SIP Trunks are in use?

The number of channels (trunks) you acquire is equal to the number of simultaneous calls made or received at a certain moment. Thus, if all the channels are in use and someone will try to dial 911, the call will not go through until a channel is freed up.

  1. Can SIP Trunking be used for a Call Center?

Your Call Center can benefit greatly from using a SIP Trunking solution instead of a PRI. Most Call Center software have PBX capabilities and they can be configured with SIP Trunk credentials. There are even special SIP Trunking plans dedicated to Call Centers.

  1. What type of Internet connection does SIP Trunking require?

Ideally, your SIP Trunks should run on a separate fiber link to avoid browsing and other online activities using the same bandwidth as your voice service, allowing more simultaneous calls and better quality. However, if your voice or online traffic is not that high you can use the same Internet connection. The bandwidth you need can be easily calculated by multiplying 100kbps by the number of simultaneous calls that you will require.

  1. How do I protect my office phone system?

To improve security of your SIP Trunks we recommend following the VoIP fraud prevention steps we wrote about a short while ago.

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