7 signs that it’s time to switch your business phone system to VoIP

Not everything that’s new is better than something old. You’ve resisted it so far. Your phone system or phone lines do the job, so why should you switch to VoIP lines or a Hosted PBX? Well, you’ve been missing out on many opportunities so far, while your competitors improved their communications by making this one simple step.

So what are the signs indicating that you might be the best candidate for a switch to VoIP?

  1. You are paying over $30 / month for a business phone line

If you take a quick look at prices of VoIP providers, you will soon notice that the price per phone line rarely goes over $30 a month. This is becoming the new normal in the telecom market and you should ensure that your business is one of those who benefit from it.

  1. You need a technician to manage and update your business phone system

Having to pay a full time PBX manager or an IT services company is an additional burden your business should never carry. Pretty much all VoIP service providers offer intuitive interfaces and guides on how to make changes, so anyone in your office could make them.

  1. You don’t have an IVR (Auto Attendant) yet

An IVR (or Auto Attendant) is the system that greets your callers and provides options to reach various departments or employees in your company (for example the classic “for customer care press 1, for sales press 2, etc”). This IVR system replaces or relieves your receptionist and provides a fast way for clients to reach their destination.

  1. You have employees on the road or working from home

Cell phone service is usually almost twice as expensive as fixed phone service for business; besides that, the employees are not part of a centralized business phone system and cannot call clients with the company unique number. A VoIP phone system makes that possible using various features: Smartphone apps, find me/follow me, Direct Inward System Access (DISA).

  1. You’re still paying extra for long distance

With all the good value VoIP packages for business out there it’s almost impossible to be charged for long distance calls. Most packages include both Canada and USA calls.

  1. You have multiple offices

Having multiple offices across the country complicates things when it comes to communication. VoIP solves this issue easily by either creating a central phone system for the entire company, or using features like Conduit to facilitate inter-office calls; plus, all calls within a VoIP network are normally free of charge.

  1. You need numbers from various cities / countries

There’s nothing clients love more than calling and dealing with a company that is local. If your company serves various cities or countries a landline will not allow you to expand your reach and get closer to your clients. Instead of opening offices everywhere, you can simply buy a local virtual number or an international number and add that to your main phone system.

Certainly, there are other aspects to consider when evaluating such a major switch and preparations for VoIP to be made, but we believe that if your company shows at least one of the above “symptoms” it’s time for you to upgrade to a Hosted PBX.