8 Secret Tips & Tricks on using VoIP more efficiently

One of the biggest reasons of price for VoIP Providers is the possibility to make business phone systems work in dozens of ways, making them fit like a glove for every business. Often though, to make it easier on the customers who are facing a decision and who maybe are new to this technology, VoIP services, and especially Hosted PBX, are packaged and configured with basic features.

This is why we decided to share a few little secrets that sometimes are forgotten, but can make a great difference in the way you use your Virtual PBX, as well as save you significant amounts of money.

  1. Activate Black List on your Toll Free Number

Toll Free numbers are great to increase incoming calls from your potential clients, because you pay for the incoming calls. But what do you do when your main business line is “attacked” by telemarketers? You can simply activate the Black List and stop anonymous calls or from certain numbers (like fake numbers such as 12345) from coming in, reducing your Toll Free invoice.

  1. Talk without limits

Some Hosted PBX providers promote this as part of their packages, but some don’t so you might not be aware of the benefit of having unlimited calling within the carrier’s entire network. All the calls within the Virtual PBX (extension to extension) are free and unlimited, as well as unlimited free calling to other customers using the same Hosted PBX provider. To maximize this advantage, bring your other offices in the same network, and even your partners, so you can communicate freely at any time.

  1. Add more capacity

A lot of business phone service providers are ready to lend a hand to their customers when they need it, and some even advertise that as optional services. One of these optionals is the possibility to add additional capacity (concurrent calls) temporarily when you have spikes in your call volumes. So when you are preparing for a massive advertising campaign or peak season don’t hesitate asking your provider for temporary additional capacity, whether they advertise it or not.

  1. Use your account out of the office

The beauty of VoIP is in its mobility; using the service from a mobile app gives you the possibility to enjoy the benefits of your Hosted PBX even on the road. If you don’t have access to Wi-Fi, you can use the DISA (Direct Inward System Access) feature, which allows you to call your number, enter a PIN number, and then make calls using your VoIP account.

  1. Buy a package that includes IP Phones

IP Phones are the best way to experience all the advantages of VoIP services.  You might be tempted to go and buy them on Amazon or your local IT store, but the truth is that you get much more from buying them together with your business phone service. You can possibly get a better deal by bundling them, you get free configuration and support, and you can be sure that they are compatible with the phone service you’ve chosen.

  1. Know who’s calling

Out of the office a lot and forwarding your business line to your business or even personal cell phone? Then you might have found yourself in a situation where you got a call and didn’t know on which line you were receiving the call. The Hosted PBX has a solution for that too! The Call Identifiers feature shows you which line was called, so you know exactly how to answer. This is also useful if you have multiple numbers ringing on your business extension, or you are part of more than one option in the company’s main menu (IVR).

  1. Ask for custom plans

Each business has its own needs, so when you find that you can’t find a suitable package for you, just pick up the phone and get in touch with a Sales rep. Even if the provider doesn’t usually offer them, most of them will be happy to build you a custom package instead of losing you as a potential customer. This will help you save on features and options you don’t need and ensure that your business has exactly the package it requires.

  1. Get a trial

So you found a package that you consider the best for your business, and are ready to go ahead and sign up for the service. It never hurts to be cautious though; you don’t know how the quality is going to be, how helpful their support is, or what other company policies they have, so it’s best to ask for a trial period before you go ahead and lock yourself in a contract.

Call quality, cost savings, mobility and scalability are very well know advantages of VoIP telephone services, but to really exploit it to its fullest potential you need to go deeper and request even the smallest thing that would make your business more efficient. It’s important that you do your research before you sign up so you learn all these little tips and tricks that will make your business phone system unique, but also to discuss your options with a knowledgeable representative or consultant.

Well…we did say they were secrets, but we encourage you to share them with anyone and everyone you know!

Tips and Tricks on using Hosted PBX Canada efficiently