SIP Trunking vs. PRI – what is the difference?

With the continuous rise of VoIP and improved Internet connections, more and more businesses today consider a switch from the traditional legacy PBXs running on PRIs to the fairly new SIP Trunk-based IP PBXs. A

What is SIP Trunking?

SIP Trunking is the method of delivering the voice signal from a VoIP service provider’s servers to a customer’s IP PBX using Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) communication protocol. A SIP Trunk is commonly known as

Calling 911 from a VoIP line – what you need to know

How does VoIP 911 work and how is it different from traditional 911 The capacity to access emergency services has been a concern for businesses and residential consumers since the launch of VoIP. Meanwhile, VoIP

8 Hosted PBX Myths Busted

Technology has always been surrounded by false assumptions that kept users reluctant. Most of them dissipate quickly; others, being repeated all over again, persist until they are even accepted as truths. But the rising popularity


There is no doubt that a Hosted PBX phone system has a wider range of features than the traditional PBX. Apart from the common features, such as: Caller ID, Call Waiting and Call Transfer, a

CRM Integration: how to streamline business activities without breaking the bank

We keep hearing about streamlining a business’ processes, and consulting companies start their pitch by promising just that. While putting order in your activities and training your employees is effective, technology innovations seem to do

4 reasons why your IP phone could have voice quality issues

Voice quality has been one of the most important concerns related to the VoIP technology. Although very similar to the traditional landlines, the VoIP systems might be influenced by a different set of factors. These

5 ways a Cloud-Based phone system can help a small business

Small businesses or start-ups are entities of their own in the business community, having so many unique characteristics that it’s difficult to get standard services to match their needs. VoIP however, due to its reputation

Is your IP phone not working? Check these quick fixes

VoIP Phones, also known as IP Phones, are normally very easy to use and don’t require much maintenance once they’re installed. There are however issues, most often related to outside factors or network configuration, that


What is a Hosted PBX? Hosted PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a private telephone network that uses the Internet Protocol (IP) as a communication protocol in order to connect the internal telephones within a business,