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IP PBX for Australia

  • An IP PBX is quite similar to a traditional PBX. They both are used to offer an internal phone network and connect it to the outside telephone networks. While a traditional PBX system uses landlines to connect the PBX, an IP PBX connects to the Internet and links to our global business phone network.
  • IP PBX system comes as integrated box that is installed in your office. It is easy to manage and we can provide local control of your phone system.
  • Each On-site IP PBX set-up can be based on your specific requirements.
  • Users connect to the IP PBX via IP phones ideally. You may also connect using computers or smartphone apps. Lastly, you may use analog telephone adaptors (ATA’s) to allow analog phones to be used to connect.
  • We can provide a Hybrid IP PBX to allow you to combine the best of analog technology and IP technology. Our Hybrid IP PBX systems can be configured to work with just your IP network and switch to your analog phone lines if there is failure, for example.
  • The dynamic and scalable onsite PBX systems proposed by AstraQom are fit for small, medium and large businesses, and offer a wide range of features. As with all our VoIP business solutions, the IP PBX is fully customizable, allowing you to design a bespoke PBX system matched to your business needs.
  • Use the onsite PBX with AstraQom’s reliable SIP Trunks as well as local numbers.

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How an IP PBX works

How an IP PBX Australia works

IP PBX Capabilities

While each IP PBX device has its own capabilities and technical specifications, there are popular features that are present on most PBX systems:

IP PBX Australia Interactive Voice Response feature from AstraQom Australia

Interactive voice response

IP PBX Australia answering rules feature from AstraQom Australia

Answering Rules

IP PBX Australia voice messaging feature from AstraQom Australia

Voice messaging

IP PBX Australia call queuing feature from AstraQom Australia

Call Queuing

IP PBX Australia call waiting feature from AstraQom Australia

Call Waiting

IP PBX Australia call blocking feature from AstraQom Australia

Call Block

IP PBX Australia hunt groups feature from AstraQom Australia

Hunt Groups

IP PBX Australia call forwarding feature from AstraQom Australia

Call Forwarding

IP PBX Australia do not disturb feature from AstraQom Australia

Do Not Disturb

IP PBX Australia call transfer feature from AstraQom Australia

Call Transfer

IP PBX Australia three-way calling feature from AstraQom Australia

Three-way Calling

IP PBX Australia music on hold feature from AstraQom Australia

Music on Hold

IP PBX Australia conferencing feature from AstraQom Australia


IP PBX Australia web-based management interface feature from AstraQom Australia

Web-based management interface

IP PBX Australia SYSTEM STATUS MONITORING AND STATISTICS feature from AstraQom Australia

System status monitoring and statistics

Benefits of an IP PBX from AstraQom

  • Each IP PBX is customized. Based upon the needs of each customer, we are happy to look through our range of IP PBX systems and assign the best fit.
  • Easy installation. Unlike a traditional phone system, an IP office phone system is designed to be easy to install and provides you double the number of features. The IP Phones simply connect to a standard Internet jack at the back of the box, eliminating the need for new wiring in your office.
  • Full control. The IP PBX allows you to benefit from the many advantages of VoIP technology while keeping your phone system on-site, within the reach of your IT team.
  • Easy management. The web-based configuration interface makes the IP PBX easy to manage without the intervention of specialized technicians.
  • Decreased costs. Compared to traditional office phone systems, an IP PBX allows for savings on phone lines and long distance or international calls thanks to affordable SIP Trunking offers.
  • Advanced hardware. IP Phones and softphones present advanced features such as IM & presence, web browsers, Busy Lamp Fields, etc.

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