Why choose hosted pbx Bahrain over the traditional PBX

What is a Hosted PBX?

Hosted PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a private telephone network that uses the Internet Protocol (IP) as a communication protocol in order to connect the internal telephones within a business, as well as to connect those telephones to the public switched telephone network (PSTN). The PBX is hosted on the servers of a VoIP service provider as opposed to customer’s premise.

Why use a Hosted PBX system?

Depending on the needs of a business and the way a Hosted PBX is used, it can present many advantages to its users, both in terms of usability and financials. However, let’s go over the most important aspects that make a Hosted PBX a much better solution than an obsolete traditional one.

Because a Hosted PBX is….

  • Economical. Local and, especially, international call costs are much lower compared to using a PSTN line and the calls between the offices within the organization, even the remote offices, are free of charge. Basically, the only costs are the hardware and the fairly low monthly fees charged by the VoIP service provider.
  • Flexible and customizable. The flexibility of this office phone system facilitates business expansion and moving of the offices. It also provides opportunities of customization according to any specific business preferences and needs. For example, besides numerous features, it offers the possibility of having a phone number with, basically, any area code in the world.
  • Mobile. As long as there is an Internet access, the IP phone system can be used anywhere – in the office, hotel, at home or even on the road, and all that while retaining the same extension number. The mobility of IP phones increases the business efficiency and the productivity of the employees.
  • Convenient. An IP telephone system uses the existing data infrastructure and is easy to install, implement and use, so no technical expertise is required.
  • Integrative. It can be fully integrated with other communication software, such as Call center software, ERP and CRM systems, in order for businesses to communicate in the most efficient way.