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VoIP Agent Program

Refer clients to us and benefit monthly without having to provide any assistance to them.

As an AstraQom Referral Agent, you can dedicate as much or as little time and resources to the Channel Partner Program as you have available, putting the power to show real results into your hands.

How VoIP Agent Program Works in AstraQom Canada

How VoIP Agent Program works

We are flexible and determined to have this partnership work to suit your business needs. Our goal is for you to focus on bringing the best VoIP solution to your customers and not worry about restructuring, simply concentrate on profit. The process is simple:



Connect with your customer; introduce the benefits of VoIP for businesses, and quote them on the spot.



Gather the information from your customer and submit the order to AstraQom, or simply forward us the customer’s contact details and we will take care of everything.


Get rewarded

Receive periodic payments representing a percentage of your customers’ invoices. You can log in at any time to your Affiliate account and find out how much commission you have earned.

Benefits of our VoIP Agent Program:

  • astraqom_circle_checkAll documentation needed to deploy services and programs.
  • astraqom_circle_checkLevel designations are designed to allow you to move forward at your own pace.
  • astraqom_circle_checkDedicated Account Manager allocated to you right from the start.
  • astraqom_circle_checkSales training programs and technology overviews.
  • astraqom_circle_checkSupport in integration of your existing products or services with AstraQom’s hosted solutions.
  • astraqom_circle_checkInstant access to our specialized Partner Support Area and Help Desk allows you to answer questions quickly and with confidence.

Why choose AstraQom Canada VoIP Agent Program?

Our VoIP Referral Agent Program provides you with the support services, information, tools and technology that enable you to accelerate business growth and provide effective business solutions.

All services and client support are already in place; as a VoIP agent, the only thing you need to do is identify potential customers.

AstraQom is committed to providing robust incentives for your loyalty and we want to recognize the value you help create every day.

Inspire confidence in your clients by offering fully customized VoIP business solutions.

AstraQom is the #1 provider of customized solutions for Business VoIP Telephony, Unified Communications, Secure Networks, ERP Solutions and Online Business Development.

Dedicated Channel Partner sales path support in place to ensure you have access to the information and services you need to be fully successful.

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How to become a VoIP agent for AstraQom Canada

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