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AstraQom hosted PBX Czech Republic

Cloud Hosted PBX for Czech Republic

Hosted PBX services from AstraQom are flexible, economical, secure and tailored to each business.

With a range of Hosted PBX features like Voicemail-to-email, Interactive Voice Response (also called Auto-Attendant), queue management, time conditions management and running on a sophisticated  global network, the AstraQom Cloud Hosted PBX system allows you and your staff access to our global business phone network. You may have staff connecting to our network from one location or multi-sites around the world. Relying mostly on our own private global network, AstraQom delivers quality and reliable services to clients all over the globe. Our sophisticated technology can handle all your unified communication needs. Your business phone service is at its best with us. Talk to our experts today! Read more on Czech Republic hosted PBX

astraqom_business_iconEnjoy popular Hosted PBX features in one integrated office phone system.

Work from anywhere using your Virtual PBX with an IP phone, Smartphone apps, desktop apps, ATAs, or bring your own device.

astraqom_call_iconCall any AstraQom phone number in the world for free.

astraqom_watch_iconIncrease your revenues with a business VoIP service that’s always available.

AstraQom Canada discoverhosted
SugarCRM, NetSuite, VTiger with PBX Integration from AstraQom Czech Republic, best Hosted PBX Czech Republic VoIP provider

SugarCRM, NetSuite, VTiger with PBX Integration

Think of the convenience of linking your phone system and your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. Think of having a CRM pop up with details of your customer and being able to even have recorded calls attached to their CRM records.

Link CRM systems such as SugarCRM, Vtiger, Sage ACT and Suite CRM with our Hosted PBX system, giving you a fully integrated CRM solution to identify and pull out accounts based on the caller’s phone number, plus many more capabilities.

Connect ERP systems such as ADempiere, OpenERP and OpenTaps to your phone system to have an integrated handling of your enterprise resource planning needs.

Seamlessly link Hotel Property Management Systems like Micros Fidelio and Opera PMS with your phone systems in hotels, resorts, and rental properties.

AstraQom open erp
Astraqom micro-fidelio
AstraQom suite crm
AstraQom vitger
AstraQom opentap
AstraQom Opera
AstraQom act

From over 20,000 cities in over 50 countries around the world
Connecting the world and your office without roaming charges!

AstraQom phone

Learn how to receive calls from around the world at only a local cost to your callers.

AstraQom 50+

Get a Local Virtual Number from over 50 countries

AstraQom combine icon

Combine them with the AstraQom Hosted PBX or have us forward the calls to you anywhere in the world.

Virtual Receptionist for Czech Republic

AstraQom Czech Republic offers complete voice support and personal assistant solutions that are a perfect fit for Czech Republic businesses. This is an affordable way to ensure you miss no calls and benefit from the services of professional receptionists.

Our professional live answering team can answer calls in your name, take messages or forward calls to you. Having a virtual receptionist offering live answering services can be handy on training days, times of increased need for staff, days when one is short-staffed and more.

Need us to make calls for you? Talk to us today regarding our customized live receptionist services!

live answering services Czech Republic
AstraQom voip img

Voice Broadcasting and Robocall Services

AstraQom Voice Broadcast Services, also referred to as Robocall services, are the ideal choice for all your political mass broadcasts, direct marketing campaigns, mass messages to your customers, appointment reminders, telephone polls and surveys and more.

As a leading Voice Broadcast Services Provider, we deliver outstanding quality automated mass calls and offer a range of reports to clients. Talk to us today about your robocall or voice broadcasting needs.

Read more on voice mass broadcast

SIP Trunking for your IP PBX Czech Republic

sip trunks Czech Republic call from AstraQom

Configure your PBX with our reliable Czech Republic SIP Trunks and local numbers. Our Czech Republic SIP Trunks are compatible with Asterisk, Freeswitch, 3CX, Microsoft Lync and more.

SIP Trunks Czech Republic configure from AstraQom

Create your own custom Czech Republic SIP Trunking solution by combining any type and quantity of local numbers with any number of channels. We can also create custom packages for you. Talk to us today!

SIP Trunks Czech Republic cloud from AstraQom

Use the AstraQom Czech Republic SIP Trunking with a cloud or onsite PBX. You may also use our Czech Republic SIP Trunks with our Hosted Freepbx and Hosted Freeswitch VPS solutions.

Czech Republic asterisk from AstraQom Czech Republic, best Hosted PBX Czech Republic VoIP provider

AstraQom PBX Cloud Hosting
for Asterisk PBX Clients

Do you wish to have your own VoIP solution, but you don’t have the budget for a dedicated server for your Asterisk PBX? The Asterisk VPS hosting is the answer for your business.

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