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Hosted PBX with SuiteCRM

Experience the benefits of convenience towards better customer relations

SuiteCRM is one of the most popular and complex open source CRM systems (Customer Relationship Management).

SuiteCRM integration with PBX platforms, also known as CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) creates a powerful tool designed to take business communication to another level.

CTI integration “links” your CRM system to a Hosted PBX service, enhancing your SuiteCRM features and helping you provide a significantly improved customer experience to your callers

Hosted PBX with SuiteCRM integrated

Data security

The risk of intrusion is always present

Integration unifies your Hosted PBX and your CRM system

AstraQom’s Computer Telephony Integration unifies your Hosted PBX and your CRM system while ensuring secure data exchanges between the two core business platforms.

AstraQom Czech Republic- High data security

High data security

No intruder will be able to access your valuable customer information, internal financial or legal information, or use your phone system for fraudulent purposes.

AstraQom Czech Republic- Protection


The complex encryption allows for high data security, protecting both platforms from harmful interference from an outside party.

Straight-forward calling

Save notes in the call log to keep a description of each interaction.

Hosted PBX with SuiteCRM integrated from AstraQom Czech Republic

Make calls easily by clicking a number in the database.

If you use a Softphone, its interface will pop up. When using hardware a call will be initiated from the integrated CRM system to your IP Phone first, and then to the number of destination.

Straight-forward calling

Upon receiving a call the PBX & SuiteCRM integration kicks in to present a popup containing the CRM Account, Contact or Lead matching the Caller’s phone number.

If the number is not in the database the user will be prompted to create a new record.



1730 Kč/user/month


  • 1 DID
  • 1 phone line
  • 700 landline and 150 mobile minutes
  • Fully featured phone line
  • 10GB Call Recording storage

Integration features:

  • Click to call.
  • Caller info pop-up window for incoming calls.
  • Option to create Leads, Contacts and Accounts from a new incoming call screen.
  • Automatic CRM call logs on the corresponding Account, Contact or Lead, with the option to save notes on the call and create a new Task related to it.
  • Call pop-up showing previous call description.
  • Links to listen and download calls from CRM.
  • Hang up and Transfer option from the call pop-up.


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1920 Kč/month/user

Includes:popular package

  • 1 DID
  • 1 phone line
  • 1000 landline and 350 mobile minutes
  • Fully featured phone line
  • 30GB Call Recording storage

Integration features:

  • Starter features, plus:
  • Outlook integration;
  • Integrated Softphone;
  • QuickCRM Mobile app – Basic.


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2110 Kč/month/user


  • 1 DID
  • 1 phone line
  • 1000 landline and 350 mobile minutes
  • Fully featured phone line
  • 50GB Call Recording storage

Integration features:

  • Professional features, plus 3 additional modules of choice from the list below:
  • PDF export – allows the user to export the data in a pdf form
  • Automatic CRM emails – schedule emails based on date or other conditions
  • Gmail and Google Sync – Emails, Calendar, contacts, documents
  • Integration with DocuSign or RightSignature
  • Duplicate detector
  • QuickCRM Mobile app – Full
  • Sticky notes

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Streamlined processes

Eliminate human error by logging calls and their details

(source/destination number, duration, and corresponding database entry) automatically. The SuiteCRM integration with Hosted PBX enables you to maintain an accurate call history.

Streamlined processes

Monitor and forecast your call volumes by pulling out records straight from SuiteCRM, to avoid overflows and missed calls.

Keep all important information regarding your customers in one database by creating your own custom CRM system, with personalized modules and fields.

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