AstraQom International Announces Major Expansion Into Brazil

AstraQom - best Hosted PBX Brazil Provider

AstraQom International Announces Major Expansion Into Brazil with AstraQom Brazil’s New Corporate Offices in Rio De Janeiro


AstraQom Brazil has Officially Opened in BrazilAstraQom - best Hosted PBX Brazil Provider

​​Today, AstraQom International, the world’s largest local business VoIP provider and telecommunications cloud architecture operator with customers in 70 countries, has confirmed a significant move into South America’s massive telecommunications market with its formal expansion into Brazil.

From its new corporate headquarters located in the high-tech Edifício Candelária Corporate building on Rua Candelária in Rio de Janeiro, AstraQom Brazil is now primed to cater for the needs of local and international businesses in the post-2016 Summer Olympic Games host country.

Our global AstraQom family is thrilled to have a new dedicated division especially for the people of Brazil and we look forward to the opportunities and savings that our company will bring,” noted, Dr. Jonathan Sowah, President, and CEO, AstraQom International. We are excited for a broad range of businesses here to experience first-hand our reliability, exemplary customer support, cost-effective solutions and customizable telephone services in a rapidly changing world.”

What has always made the AstraQom brand stand out and allowed us to remain a step ahead is our ongoing commitment to the most innovative and sophisticated locally based technology,” observed, Mark Myers, Senior Global Reach Engineer, AstraQom International. “Our move into Brazil sends a strong signal that we are continuing to reshape the international telecommunications scene on multiple continents including South America.”

Brazil is the world’s 5th largest country with a population of close to 206 million people. It is the largest country in South America and in the entire Southern Hemisphere. With 257.8 million mobile phones in use in the country, 120.6 million internet users (59.1% of the population) and 43.6 million fixed landlines, AstraQom Brazil looks forward to having a hugely beneficial impact on the economy with its +55 international dialing code.

About AstraQom Brazil:

AstraQom Brazil is a subsidiary of AstraQom International established in 2008 to disrupt the global telecoms solutions industry with superior innovations. The company is home to the world’s biggest cloud architecture for VoIP with telecommunications circuits covering the entire planet. The company’s reliable and affordable premium quality communications solutions services include; premium quality business telephone services and local numbers for 70 countries, multi-lingual live receptionist call answering services, open source consulting, white-label reseller programs with dedicated support teams, integrated hosted PBX with CRM solutions, SIP trunks, Asterisk Hosting and SugarCRM, Vtiger and NetSuite integration with Asterisk and FreeSwitch PBX.

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