Why are Virtual Receptionist services so popular with small businesses?

why the live answering services Nigeria so popular with small business

Virtual Receptionist, known under many names such as Phone Answering service, Live Answering or Virtual Office Assistant, is one of the many secondary services that derived from VoIP and based almost exclusively on this technology. The service is basically a Live Office Assistant who is based outside a business’ location and answers the calls coming to the main business line. The operator usually provides basic information, transfers the calls to the employees of the company or takes messages.

7 advantages of the Phone Answering Service

  1. It eliminates the need to pay for a full time receptionist, which for small businesses that receive a small amount of calls would be an unnecessary expense;
  2. A Virtual Office Assistant contributes to the business’ image by answering corporate calls in a professional way. Besides, if you’re a small business with people on the go or working from a home office, it will give the impression of a considerable size. Even if you use mostly cell phones, assigning a Toll Free number to receive calls through the Virtual Receptionist will create a really professional image to your callers;
  3. Using an Answering Service eliminates the dreaded voicemail. This increases the number of potential leads and of course conversions, because callers hang up most times rather than leaving a message and react much better to a direct interaction with a friendly human;
  4. Using VoIP technology allows the main number to be assigned other several alternative virtual numbers, allowing the Virtual Receptionist to answer calls coming from various locations, and even in other languages;
  5. If there’s an Internet issue at the company’s main office there will be no missed calls because the Virtual Assistant is answering from a different location ;
  6. If your business is small, you most probably don’t have the resources to have long or non-stop business hours. Setting up an Answering Service with afterhours coverage will makes a business available for late or early callers, which could mean new business for you;
  7. Answering basic phone calls takes up the time of an employee, precious time that can be used for working on selling more. Leave the answering to a specialized virtual operator and let your employees do what they do best – growing the business.

In the constant search for ways to improve their image and lower expenses, small businesses found a great ally in the Phone Answering Service, its popularity growing year by year thanks to the significant contributions to the streamlining of their activity. This easy to use, cheap and effective tool that brings so many benefits to businesses is only the beginning of a long list of services based on VoIP technology that any business, big or small, should use to the maximum of their potential.