Frequently asked questions about Toll Free Numbers

Toll Free Numbers (or 1800 numbers) are Virtual Numbers for businesses and individuals that allow the recipient of a call to pay the corresponding charges, enabling the callers to enjoy a call free of charges.

Due to their special status and various configurations proposed by VoIP Providers, the 1800 numbers are still the subject of questions and uncertainties. This is why in this article we will go beyond the usual questions and answer specific or elaborate enquiries regarding Toll Free phone numbers.

Can I call from a Toll Free number?

No. Toll Free numbers are Virtual Numbers, which means that they need to be “attached” to an existing line, or forwarded to one.

Can a Toll Free number be used for text messaging?

It usually depends from country to country, and on the VoIP providers, but normally a Toll Free number should be compatible with SMS services just like any Virtual Number.

How can non-local businesses use a Toll Free number for their customers?

All is possible thanks to VoIP technology. Toll Free numbers can be activated with a VoIP business phone system and be used anywhere on the globe with just an Internet connection. Using 1800 numbers to serve non-local areas is extremely beneficial, as potential and existing clients are more likely to call a business if the call is not going to cost anything.

Can I continue to use my existing number if I purchase a Toll Free number?

Although a Toll Free number can be used as a business’ main phone number, most businesses can use one or multiple geographic numbers at the same time.

Is there value in Toll Free numbers anymore, aside from vanity?

1-800 numbers continue to be very popular for users, so it’s in the business’ interest to attract callers by offering to pay for their calls. Indeed, if you only need local coverage of a city or two, this can be done with geographic Virtual Numbers, but if you are looking to cover the entire country buying local numbers from every city will definitely not be cheaper than one single Toll Free and incoming call charges.

Why do companies sometimes give a regular phone number as well as a Toll Free number?

Most companies add a Toll Free number later in their activity when business expands, thus in order to avoid missing calls on their old number they continue using it. Other businesses keep also local numbers to save on their Toll Free charges, so that some of their callers in the area use the local number instead.

How can I avoid interruptions when moving a Toll Free number to another provider?

Normally there should be no interruption when porting a Toll Free number from one provider to another. Thus, simply choosing a reliable business phone service provider would be enough to give you peace of mind.

Is call recording and IVR possible on a Toll Free number?

Yes. Like all other phone numbers, Toll Free numbers can have Call Recording activated and direct calls to a business IVR.  These are usually not included in the basic packages and might add charges to your monthly subscription.

Whether they’re used as a marketing tool (as Vanity Numbers), Toll Free Numbers remain a powerful business tool and an all time favorite for the users. Although they might sometimes raise questions and seem like they have limitations in terms of configuration, they are very versatile phone numbers, easy to use and affordable communication solutions.

Frequently asked questions about toll free numbers from AstraQom Canada