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SalesForce VoIP Integration for UK


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SalesForce is undoubtedly one of the most popular CRM software packages in the industry. As businesses increasingly seek an integrated approach to handling information management, having an integration of SalesForce and VoIP PBX has fast become an attraction.

Do you want to link your PBX and your SalesForce software to allow you to dial contacts from within SalesForce? Do you have improved record keeping to let you know who called who and when? Do you want a simple but reliable integration of SalesForce and PBX that is affordable?

Our engineers are able to integrate most VoIP systems and Saleforce. Talk to us about your current and projected needs requiring Salesforce and VoIP integration.

We are leaders in Salesforce VoIP Integrations

Opensource VoIP Consulting UK projects we can assist with

AstraQom has experienced and versatile engineers able to assess your requirements and work to make it happen.

Opensource VoIP Consulting UK projects we can assist with

We can work on both Hosted PBX and Onsite PBX needs. Talk to us today!

Opensource VoIP Consulting UK projects we can assist with

Our global multilingual team of engineers can provide you support in various languages to ensure we understand your needs.

Let’s discuss your SalesForce and VoIP PBX Integration Needs Today!

Talk to our experts today about how to best integrate SalesForce with your PBX

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