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Low latency, reliable UK SIP Trunking

Get a great ROI on operations and spend less on your communications services. Talk to our team of UK SIP trunk experts today!

UK SIP Trunks for your business.

AstraQom owns its own global network architecture connecting our locations on every continent. Our network distribution is designed to ensure that each of our clients in the countries we serve is able to connect with low latency to a server nearby. AstraQom UK is pleased to serve the needs of businesses anywhere around the world needing UK SIP Trunking for their operations.

  • Choose from one of our UK SIP Trunk packages or let us create a custom VoIP SIP solution by combining any type and quantity of phone numbers with any number of channels.
  • Decrease communication and IT costs by up to 50%.
  • Maximize the return on your IP infrastructure investment.
  • Facilitate intra-office communication while seamlessly integrating other locations.

Why choose AstraQom for UK SIP Trunking?

SIP Trunks UK

All business is global today, so our comprehensive UK SIP network is also part of the global AstraQom International dedicated VoIP network.

SIP Trunks UK- Multi-node national and international network redundancy.

Call completion is assured with multi-node national and international network with redundancy.

SIP Trunks UK

Get answers from our multi-lingual customer care team.

SIP Trunks UK - Online Reporting, Billing and Account Management tools.

Boost your productivity with Online Reporting, Billing and Account Management tools.

hosted PBX UK from AstraQom

Ensure the best talk time and connection rates with our Dialer Support.

SIP Trunks UK with unlimited free inbound calls.

Reduce the costs of your marketing and customer support and choose a SIP Trunking package that best fits your needs.

SIP Trunks UK - Great for both a single office and multiple locations.

Scale with ease, whether you have a single office or multiple locations.

SIP Trunks UK- Premium unlimited support by phone, email and chat around the clock.

Get help around the clock with premium unlimited support by phone, email and chat.

SIP Trunks UK- Reliable, uninterrupted level of service.

Never miss a call with our reliable, uninterrupted level of service.

SIP Trunks UK -Uptime of 99.98% guaranteed through SLA.

Your uptime is guaranteed for at least 99.98% in your SLA.

How do UK SIP Trunks work?

  • UK SIP trunking uses VoIP to allow a PBX to connect to external telephone networks via the Internet.
  • The Internet acts like a traditional telephone line, so a user can communicate with telephone subscribers that use a fixed or mobile telephone service. AstraQom uses the SIP trunks to deliver the communications from your PBX to the outside networks, and from outside networks to your PBX.
  • SIP trunks can offer significant cost savings for enterprises, because they eliminate the need for local PSTN gateways, costly ISDN BRIs (Basic Rate Interfaces) or PRIs (Primary Rate Interfaces).
  • Business that have invested in an internal IT infrastructure are great candidates for a SIP trunk because they can easily plug it into their SIP environment – there is no upside to hanging on to existing landlines when there are tools in place for a more easily-managed, lower-cost communications solution from AstraQom that is versatile and equally reliable.
  • As UK SIP Trunking providers, we are able to enhance the capabilities of your software or device by providing a complete solution for all internal and external communications. Whether you have a traditional PBX or Virtual PBX, a calling card service or a call center solution, we can help you make the most of your IP investment with a SIP Trunk, which is a combined solution of DID Numbers and bi-directional channels scaled perfectly for your needs.
  • Usually, the the most important aspect of deploying a SIP Trunk is the channel and DID distribution. SIP services from AstraQom UK let you combine these two elements according to your business needs, making it probably the most versatile and scalable solution available on the market.

UK SIP Trunks Packages

£6.99 / month
  • 1 DID included
  • 1 phone line
  • Outgoing land line calls £0.01/minute
  • Outgoing mobile calls £0.02/minute
  • Additional DID £3.00/month
  • Portability  £25.00/number

UK 1000 Landline
£9.99 / month
  • 1 DID included
  • 1 phone line
  • 1000 land line minutes
  • Additional land line calls £0.01/minute
  • Additional mobile calls £0.02/minute
  • Additional DID £3.00/month
  • Portability £25.00/number

UK 600+600 mixed
£14.99 / month
  • 1 DID included
  • 1 phone line
  • 600 land line minutes and 600 mobile minutes
  • Additional land line calls £0.01/minute
  • Additional mobile calls £0.02/minute
  • Additional DID £3.00/month
  • Portability £25.00/number

Call Center*
£19.99 / month
  • 1 DID included
  • 1 phone line
  • Outgoing land line calls £0.009/minute
  • Outgoing mobile calls £0.20/minute
  • Additional DID £3.00/month
  • Portability £25.00/number

*dedicated to businesses with more than 3000 outgoing/incoming minutes per line per month and/or average call duration of less than 2 minutes

Need something like custom UK SIP trunks packages?

AstraQom offers an opportunity to have custom SIP trunk plans developed for clients with unique requirements.  Do you need bi-directional SIP trunks from our various datacenter locations connecting to PBX multi-site locations across the globe but charged to one specific account? Do you need packages for multiple countries? Do you need a SIP trunk from one country with DID from another country? We can do these and more.

Talk to us about your unique requirements. We welcome you to share your SIP trunking expectation with us.

UK SIP Trunks Features and Capabilities


Aggregated SIP Trunk

Eliminate the need for dedicated trunks by allocating a number of channels that will be distributed dynamically wherever you need more capacity. For example, if you have 5 DID Numbers and 10 channels and 3 calls are coming to one of your numbers, 3 of your channels will be allocated to allow the connection to that number, leaving the other 7 channels available for further incoming or outgoing calls on your other numbers.


Bi-directional SIP Trunk

AstraQom UK offers both inbound and outbound channels capability in our SIP trunks.


Call termination

The service offers national and international termination using AstraQom network. You are free to choose to be limited to a specific geographical coverage or get something customized just for you.


Protocols and Codecs

AstraQom’s UK SIP Trunks support SIP protocols and offer G729, T.38 and G.711 as codecs


Caller ID features

Supported VoIP SIP Trunk features include CLID (Calling Line identification), DNS (Dialed Number identification Services)


Dialer Support

Call centers with automated dialing systems benefit from a SIP Trunk designed for their specific needs. Talk to our team of experts about this.


Virtual Phone Number

The SIP trunk services are compatible with all available UK and international numbers.

Contact our SIP Trunking experts today about your UK SIP Trunk needs

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