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0800 Numbers for UK businesses

Ever used an alias for an email account or a Post Office Box that forwards your mail? A United Kingdom Toll Free number for business (or 0800) works the same way, allowing you to have a unique virtual number for United Kingdom. Calls coming to your Toll Free virtual number will be forwarded to your office.

You get all the advantages of AstraQom’s VoIP Solutions, without having to get a Hosted PBX.


My Business Limited has offices in Coventry, but wants to connect with customers across the UK, without customers incurring long distance call costs. A call made from Oxford or Aberdeen to your company would use the same phone number, while the caller will not pay any cost for his call to the My Business Limited office.

A business with a Toll Free Number is a business that’s approachable, easy to contact and offers your customers the opportunity to call you without them incurring any cost.

Using a 0800 number in the UK improves your relationships with clients. New customers are more likely to contact you because the call is free. You can offer your existing customers free, helpful support, when they need help and advice. Toll Free Numbers will boost your sales and conversions.

The rate you pay for this service stays the same – wherever your clients call you from. AstraQom helps you open your business up to new possibilities!

We also offer Local Virtual Numbers from across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

toll free numbers UK for businesses from AstraQom UK, Best Hosted PBX UK Provider

Why Choose AstraQom for UK Toll Free Numbers?


AstraQom United Kingdom is a subsidiary of AstraQom International, a global telecom company. We will work with you to get the best VoIP Solution for your business and we will continue to deliver immediate support whenever you need us.


Professional, prompt, high quality Customer Service.



We provide high standard Toll Free service and reduced costs for your business.



Ability to integrate your Toll Free Numbers with your PBX, Call Center and even CRM systems.


Toll Free Packages

Toll Free 100

£6.99 / month
  • 1 Toll Free phone number
  • 100 Toll Free minutes
  • Additional minutes £0.045/minute
  • Additional Free Phone number £3.00/month

Toll Free 220

£9.99 / month
  • 1 Toll Free phone number
  • 220 Toll Free minutes
  • Additional minutes £0.045/minute
  • Additional Free Phone number £3.00/month

Toll Free 1000

£29.99 / month
  • 1 Toll Free phone number
  • 1000 Toll Free minutes
  • Additional minutes £0.045/minute
  • Additional Free Phone number £3.00/month

*Prices presented are in British Pounds.

Why do you need a UK Toll Free Service?

  • Offering to pay for your customers’ calls to you demonstrates your company’s care for its customers, generates more contacts from potential customers and increased conversions.
  • All our British 0800 numbers are accessible from across the United Kingdom.

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