How you save money with a hosted phone system

Whether you own or manage a small business or an enterprise, keeping your budget in check is one of the crucial aspects of the business. And what could be better than technology to streamline business processes and save money?

There’s no secret anymore that VoIP is a really affordable alternative to the traditional phone lines. Besides bringing significant improvements in the way businesses communicate, a Hosted Phone System can bring the communications budget down even by 50-60%. Here’s how the Hosted PBX makes it happen by eliminating services or materials:

No need for a dedicated communications infrastructure

Traditional business phone systems require a significant investment in IT infrastructure because the voice and data communications have to run through separate internal networks. Thus, using a Hosted PBX system that runs through your data communications network will reduce IT infrastructure by half.

No technical support to install the service

With all the equipment being on site, physical provisioning is a must for traditional PBX systems, so you will be requiring the services of a technician, whether it’s an internal or outsourced one.

No maintenance

Like any equipment, an onsite PBX will require periodic maintenance works, such as software upgrades, as well as troubleshooting and changes (add, remove change users), for which again you will require either a technician on your payroll or an IT services subscription. A Hosted PBX is a managed service, meaning that every upgrade and change is done in the cloud by your Hosted PBX provider.

No additional unnecessary users or lines

When buying a traditional PBX you need to keep in mind that it has to fit your current needs, but also consider future expansions, which forces you to buy a PBX with more users than you currently need, that will remain unused until you have more employees. Also, business lines come in PRIs, which contain 23 channels (phone lines), and if you for example only need half of that capacity, you will be paying additional service without actually having a need for it. With a VoIP phone system things are so much easier thanks to its scalability, you can order exactly the number of users and lines as you need and not worry about adding or removing them in the future.

No additional costs for features

Since landlines have many limitations, advanced features would come as an additional cost, while they would normally be included in a basic Hosted PBX package.

No additional costs for inter-office calls

If you’re a multi-location business and need to communicate a lot between offices, you will notice an increase in your bills, especially if they are not in a local exchange. Instead, you can choose to have all the locations under one PBX and make all the calls to be internal, or decide to separate them, which does not involve additional costs since most VoIP service providers offer free calling within their networks. Additionally, using a feature such as the Conduit will allow you to call extension-to-extension from one PBX to another, decreasing the amount of time taken to call another location.

There are many advantages to having a Hosted PBX, not only the financial ones, and there are many others not mentioned here that bring financial gains on the long run. What’s for sure is that a reliable business phone system should your top priority, even when looking for a way to lower the pressure on your business budget.

how you save money with a hosted PBX Canada phone system