How to get cheap business phone lines in Canada using Virtual Numbers

We need to cut costs! You probably hear it a lot from your business accountant or often say it yourself. But when the success of a business is proportional with its reach and expansion requires more investments, it’s crucial to make decisions that will enable development while keeping the budget in check.

This is where the innovations brought by VoIP technology come in to save the day, and today we’re going to focus on one of these – the Virtual Phone Number.

What is a Virtual Phone Number?

The Virtual Phone Number is known on the market under several names or terms, such as Local Number, Virtual Phone Number, Call Forwarding Service, Global Number, etc.  It is an additional phone number that can be added to the company’s main number for increased coverage in Canada and abroad.  Using the virtual numbers gives callers a way to reach you while paying just a local call or even for free and, at a price of just a couple dollars a number, they’re have no impact on your budget like a full phone line or local office would have.
Different types of Virtual Numbers

Not all Virtual Numbers are the same, but don’t worry about getting them confused, as we’re going to through them and see why they are different and how each one works.

Virtual Phone Numbers in Canada – these are local numbers from across Canada, which could be used for a local presence in another province. For example, your business is in Toronto but you can also serve customers in Vancouver and Calgary; you add numbers from these additional cities and all the calls will go to your Toronto main number.

International Numbers – these global virtual numbers work the same as the virtual phone numbers in Canada, but they are from other countries around the world. They are great if you have multiple locations abroad or communicate with customers and vendors outside the country.

Toll Free Numbers (known also as 1800 numbers) are numbers that enable businesses to pay for the calls they receive, making them free for their callers. They are great for drawing in more business because the callers don’t worry about the cost of the call and significantly improve the company’s image.

iNum stands for International Number and is a global number that can be dialled from any country in the world at a local cost. It is a great tool for international organizations as it provides a connection with any country on the globe.

Do I need a Vanity Number? How does it work?

A Vanity Phone Number in Canada spells a word when replacing the digits in the phone number with the corresponding numbers or a phone’s dial pad, or contains number patterns/ repeating digits. Although Vanity Numbers are most commonly associated with Toll Free Numbers, they are just like any other number, so you can use them as virtual numbers, but also as your main business lines.

Added value for your business phone system

Whether they are Canadian or Global Virtual Numbers, these VoIP business services are the best friend of an enterprise because they are cheap, easy to be set up and really contribute to business development. Whether you use them for linking several locations across Canada or the world, for developing a virtual presence or for image purposes, all these numbers are the best budget-friendly business builders your business could benefit from.