How to enhance customer experience with VoIP

When it comes to winning customers’ business, it’s sometimes easy to attract them with promotions and special pricing, but competition is fierce and it takes a lot more effort to close a sale and keep your clients or get them to come back.

Any good manager or business owner knows that no matter how good your products or services are, if they’re not accompanied by an outstanding customer experience, the business won’t last long on the market. A happy client is the key factor in the business’ success and growth because it drives quality leads towards the business just by word of mouth.

From a well-built website to self-care tools and excellent support throughout your collaboration, your entire activity should focus on one thing: your customers, and technology is of great help when it comes to improving their experience.

But out of so many new technologies, services, softwares and gadgets out there, which ones prove to really make a difference? We chose VoIP technology, because we consider telecommunication as the element that makes the difference not only on paper, but also in the real business world. How do its features and capabilities help? Here are some ideas on how to improve customer experience, some of which you might not have even considered until now:


IVR (Interactive Voice Response) for:

Easy contact. Customers don’t want to be transferred from one person to another and talk about their requests twice. The best way is to greet their calls is with an easy-to-navigate menu, giving the caller the possibility to select the department they wish to speak with. Ensure that you don’t over complicate your menu with too many options and submenus, this will frustrate the caller in his search for an answer.

Quick payments. As popular as Internet might be nowadays, phone is even more popular, many users finding it a lot easier to just call a number and make a payment than going online; this is a feature that can be integrated in your IVR.


Call queues for:

A better management of high call flows. Putting a customer on hold while talking to another just doesn’t cut it anymore, even if you’re a small business. Customers simply don’t like waiting, but if you have to make them wait, you need to make sure you won’t lose them. Call queues allow more than one caller to be on hold, while the advanced options will personalize the experience by playing personalized music on hold and periodic wait messages. The announcing of the position in queue is a crucial capability that will keep your clients assured that their call will be taken care of, as well as the “call me back” feature that allows the user to hang up and be called when the call is first in line and the voicemail box.

Ringout for:

Direct contact from your website. Giving your clients or leads the means to contact you using several methods makes you look omnipresent and assures the users that you will be there whenever they need you. The Ringout feature is a tool that helps your customers request an instant call via your website. The user will enter his phone number on the website, while the system makes a call to both your customer service/ sales team and the client’s entered number.


Toll Free or Virtual Local Numbers for:

Meeting the client half-way. Providing a phone number where people can reach you for free or at the cost of a local call shows care for your existing and potential customers.

A local presence. Clients feel more secure when a company has a local presence, even if just a virtual one, thus adding local numbers to your main one will bring in more potential buyers.


Manager Call Monitoring for:

A better training of your staff. Building a team of knowledgeable customer service reps can take time, and sometimes the best way to do it is on the job, with all the risks that might entail. The Manager Call Monitoring feature allows a supervisor or a trainer to join an ongoing call between an agent and a caller and listen in without the parties being aware; the supervisor also can “whisper” to the agent without the caller hearing it, which helps the agent provide the right answers in real time rather than putting the caller on hold to consult his/ her superior.


Hosted PBX for:

An efficient communication within your organization. Having a good knowledge base platform handy for your representatives is a great way to improve the treatment of enquiries, but human interaction remains an important factor in a rep’s success. A unified phone system such as the Hosted PBX ensures that call transfers, escalations or simple calls to consult a colleague or a superior are seamless and efficient.


CRM Integration for:

Fast treatment. Having your VoIP phone system integrated with your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is a real blessing for any business. The integration will allow the CRM data to be available upon a call, significantly improving the representative’s time. For example, upon an incoming call, the system will match the caller’s phone number with the one stored in the CRM account/ contact and present a popup window where the representative can see right away who is calling and have instant access to customer details and history (answering the call by greeting the customer with his name is an awesome personal touch); the system also can create automatic call logs in the customer’s account, so the agent doesn’t waste precious time with creating it manually; another useful option is “click-to-call”, which allows the rep to just click on a contact’s phone number to make a call, eliminating the time spent to manually dial, as well as human errors.

Self-service optimization. Although the majority of customers still prefers calling in for some aspects related to their accounts, for many of them having access to their details at any time is a deal breaker. Integrating your business phone system with your CRM or billing system will allow customers to reach your IVR and follow the instructions to find out their balance, activate or deactivate options, etc.

Customers want quick and friendly treatment

Even with all the technology in place, always keep in mind that the goal is to provide a memorable experience to your callers; no one talks about an “acceptable” experience, they only share the best and the worst service they’ve received.

While having the knowledge and being able to solve a problem might make up for not having people skills and having people skills sometimes makes up for not being a problem solver, a combination of the two will create that complete experience a customer looks for. It’s crucial that you build a client-centric company culture and invest in constantly training and motivating your employees. With the right amount of knowledge on company procedures and product details combined with people skills and the ability to deal with the difficult situations, you will achieve that coveted level of service.

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