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Your Ideal Partner for Ireland Wholesale VoIP Termination, Direct Routes, and A-Z Termination Services

Ireland Wholesale VoIP TerminationAre you looking for Call Center Termination Services? Are you a carrier looking to resell wholesale A-Z termination Services? Are you a business with big volume calls looking to get a Wholesale SIP trunk and save money? Are you a carrier looking for reliable, affordable Ireland Direct Routes?ย  Are you a Call Center looking for a Direct Routes Provider able to provide you huge capacity? Talk to AstraQom Ireland today!


AstraQom Ireland is a wholly-owned subsidiary of AstraQom International. AstraQom International probably has the largest VoIP infrastructure in the world dedicated solely to business VoIP needs around the globe. With hundreds of thousands of private fiber networks, data centers around the world, and many reliable interconnection partners, we are able to meet any demand.




Ireland Wholesale VoIP Termination AstraQom Wholesale Termination Service clients can count on our 24/7 Network Operations support. Our dedicated professional engineers regularly monitor services to ensure that traffic is moving correctly between us, our partners, and our clients. If you need our support, we are only a ticket away.




AstraQom Ireland provides support in English, French, Spanish, Arabic, and Portuguese. By offering clients access to these languages we ensure that we have someone to discuss your concerns with you in a language you are most comfortable in. We are probably the only major international carrier providing support in so many languages. Talk to us today about your Ireland A to Z VoIP termination needs, Call Center Termination needs as well as Ireland Direct Routes or A-Z termination needs.



LOW LATENCYIreland Wholesale VoIP Termination

Many carriers will force you to interconnect with them from very few locations and often you end up with delays due to latency issues. With AstraQom Ireland the situation is very different. You are free to connect to any of the many AstraQom Points of Presence around the world. With our multiple Points of Presence, you have many failovers. Finally, you can rest assured you have a partner able to provide the reliability you require to meet your needs. Talk to us today about your Ireland A to Z VoIP termination needs, Call Center Termination needs as well as Ireland Direct Routes or A-Z termination needs.

Requirements for Ireland Wholesale VoIP Termination Services

All our Call Center Termination, Direct Routes Termination, A-Z Terminations Services must meet the following prerequisites for approval.



  • You must be a registered company in any jurisdiction around the world and with a valid certificate.


  • You must be engaging in only only lawful activities. We do not condone the use of our facilities and services for anything illegal.


  • You must have a website we can verify and you must be using emails associated with that website. We will not reply to emails from free accounts like or outlook and similar accounts.


  • The initial deposit must be at least 200 USD and sent by bank wire, Visa, MasterCard or PayPal. Payments must not include any charges.


  • Payments will be accepted up to 500 USD in any 24 hour period with a credit card. We shall require a copy of the latest credit card statement, copies of the front and back of the card (blanking out the middle 8 digits) and Government issued photo. A charge of 2.5% will be deducted from payments.


  • Paypal payments must include Paypal charges. Will credit your account with balance after Paypal has made deductions and that as available credit to you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Wholesale Voice Termination

Do you allow Missed Calls Traffic

AstraQom does not allow Missed Call Traffic at all. We only deal in legal traffic. No fraudulent traffic is tolerated and accounts will be frozen if a client if found to be engaging in any illegal activity.

What codecs do you provide?

We offer uLaw, aLaw and G729 codecs for use by our clients. If you have peculiar needs, please contact us to discuss. We do our best to accomodate client needs.

Do you require a contract period?

All clients requiring our Call Center Wholesale Termination, Direct Routes Termination or our A-Z Termination are required to enter into a simple agreement with us. Once we agree on pricing between you and us, we shall provide you free testing and once approved, we shall send you the agreement.

I want to sign up. What do you need to set my account up?

Thank you forย  choosing AstraQom Ireland ๐Ÿ™‚ย  Signing up is easy, fill in the form below and make sure you are able to meet all our requirements written above. One of our executives will review form and get in touch within one business day.

How long does it take to set me up?

We endeavor to have your account set up, tested and ready for use really fast. If there are no concerns with the application, we can have you set and able to send traffic within hours.

Wholesale VoIP Termination IrelandTalk to any of our consultants today about your Ireland A to Z VoIP termination and Ireland Direct Routes needs