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Today we have new challenges around the world that influence how we work. Companies need to have reliable virtual business phone systems that allow people to work both from the office and away from the office. The traditional phone service cannot provide such flexibility and also it tends to be even more expensive.


Using an India Virtual PBX from AstraQom India provides business of all sizes an opportunity to save so much money, enjoy flexibility and ultramodern business telephone features that we bundle for FREE. Our cloud-hosted Virtual PBX system was developed to meet the needs of the discerning client that wants to have top end features that increase efficiency and productivity.


Work where you wish to work from


By switching to our Virtual PBX for India, you are free to connect to your phone from anywhere around the world where you have internet. You can connect from home, use a smartphone SIP application, use a softphone installed on your laptop or computer or simply connect your IP Phone wherever. Being a wholly owned subsidiary of AstraQom International, our clients can connect to use any of the many servers located around the world at no additional cost to them.


Designed to deliver a Premium Grade Hosted Voice to businesses, our packages are designed to allow clients to share minutes and save money. Unlike many others who force each user to pay a fee, we allow you to spread the use of the allotted minutes across the needs of the team. Need a custom package? Just talk to us. We can build one just for your unique needs.


Do you have staff located at various sites? Switching to our Virtual PBX provides you with so many benefits of using such an ultramodern cloud-based PBX, for example, your sites can conveniently be connected at no additional cost to you. We can comfortably handle international sites as well.  Talk to us about your unique needs and we can work with you to achieve low latency connections from all around the world. Our business VOIP architecture is designed to be robust, reliable, secure and ready to please.


Move your current number to us or get a free new India number


AstraQom India has a comprehensive coverage of India and we are able to move numbers from other providers to us. This means you do not have to lose your current number. It also means that, unlike others, you do not have to pay to keep the same number. We shall liaise with your current carrier to move the number to us once you sign an authorization for us to do so. Need a new number? We can provide new numbers to meet your needs. Talk to us about your India Virtual PBX needs today!


Do you have some unique requirements?


Does your business require some unique configurations be programmed for your Virtual PBX? Do you need a unique billing plan? Are you in need of support other than in  English? We provide support in English, French, Spanish and Arabic. Talk to us today and let and work together in getting you the India Cloud PBX of your dreams.



How does our Advanced Virtual PBX  for India work?

How Cloud Hosted PBX India Works

Discover the most Advanced Virtual PBX  for India

AstraQom offers you a FREE Virtual PBX that comes fully packed with lots of features. We offer you over 60 advanced features designed to make your business more competitive. Some of these features are listed below. We continually add new features as they get developed by our engineers. Talk to us.

One local number with caller ID | Conferencing | Ring groups | Hunt lists | Paging | Intercomms | Outbound caller ID | CNAM with cache | Remote phone reboots | SIP and RTP encryption | Condition variable BLF| FMFM confirmation | Call forwarding | Extension BLF | Virtual Extensions | Hot Desking | Emergency call notification (Kari's law)
Call Flow management | Custom destinations | AGI scripts | DISA | Feature codes | Parking lots | Stats | Video calls | Instant recording and pause | Attended transfer| Streaming Message-on-hold | Voicemail transcript (Voice to Text)
Custom short numbers | Caller ID blacklisting | Call campaigns | Voicemails | CRM integration | NAT control | Dial by name | PIN code dialing | Find Me/Follow Me | BLF parking lots | Spy, barge and whisper | Call history | AMI | Wallboards |
Phone books | Caller ID modding | Multiple MOH | Wallboards | Call Recording | Recorded-calls-to-email |FMFM and additional destinations | REST API | Blind transfer | Call waiting | Call pickup | Mobile twinning | External Agents
    • INR 1235.00 Monthly
    • Plan inclusions:

      • 1 Extension
      • 1 Phone Number
      • 1 Phone Line
      • Receive two concurrent calls at once on the number.
      • All features included.
      • Free incoming calls
      • Free Extension Calling if additional extensions added

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Best choice
    • INR 1425.00 Monthly
    • Plan inclusions:

      • 4 Extensions
      • 1 Phone Number
      • 2 Phone Lines
      • Receive two concurrent calls at once on the number.
      • All features included.
      • Free incoming calls
      • Free Extension Calling if additional extensions added

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    • INR 2175.00 Monthly
    • Plan inclusions:

      • 6 Extensions
      • 1 Phone Number
      • 2 Phone Lines
      • Receive two concurrent calls at once on the number.
      • All features included.
      • Free incoming calls
      • Free Extension Calling if additional extensions added

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AstraQom India Virtual PBX is compatible with all CRM software with REST API.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our India Virtual PBX Service

What do I need to use this service?

AstraQom’s Virtual PBX Service for India runs on our advanced VoIP infrastructure. You need to have a running internet connection to be able to use this. You also need to have an IP Phone, a software (softphones like Bria, Zoiper or Linphone). We do not recommend that you use an analogue phone but if you feel you need to, there is a device called an Analog Terminal Adaptor (ATA) manufactured by brands like Cisco and can be used to connect between the analog telephone and our VoIP system.

Your India Hosted PBX and India Virtual PBX seem similar. Is it same service?

AstraQom India offers both a Hosted PBX and Virtual PBX. These two services run on different systems though they offer the same features. The results are the same. Some people prefer to call the service a India Virtual PBX service and others prefer to call it India Hosted PBX. Though they run on two separate systems both give same final impact.

Do you require a contract period?

All clients requiring our Virtual PBX for India are required to enter into a 30 (thirty day) auto renewing contract that requires a 30 – day notice to cancel. If you require a contract for a longer term, simply contract and it shall be made available to you.

I need a feature that is presently not provided by AstraQom. What can be done?

Our development team loves to be challenged. Share your dream with us and we shall be glad to discuss with you and will get back to you on whether it is feasible or not. If it is feasible, we shall let you know of time needed to roll it out. Such development usually does not attract special charges.

I want to integrate your Virtual PBX platform with another software. Do you offer APIs?

AstraQom offers REST API for integration. Some CRM software like SugarCRM, Hubspot, Pipedrive, Microsoft Dynamics 365, SalesForce, Freshsales, Zoho and many others that also offer REST API capability can be integrated with our PBX systems. Such integrations are charged separately.

I want to sign up. What do you need to set my account up?

Thank you for choosing AstraQom India 🙂  Signing up is easy, simply pick the exact service you need on this page, pay up and we shall configure it.

How long does it take to set me up?

We endeavor to have your account set up, tested and ready for use within two business days. We shall let you know of any issues encountered once we discover that the request requires more than two days. Such notification is offered soon after order is received so that you can plan.

What payment methods are available to customers?

We have gone paperless and thus do not accept checks any longer. In India, you are able to pay by Interac, EFT, Visa, Mastercard. We shall gladly provide any details you need.

Contact any of our consultants today about your India Virtual PBX business phone needs