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Dare to excel with an AstraQom Japan Scholarship

AstraQom is much more than a provider of communication services

While we thrive on researching and developing new technologies to transcend geographic barriers, we commit to the communities we serve and we are highly engaged in their development.

Labour market still relies on level of education

According to OECD, over 80% of adults with tertiary education are employed, compared to 70% of the people with secondary education and less than 60% without even a secondary education, an indication that the labour market still relies on level of education to be the primary indicator of an employee’s skills.

The AstraQom Scholarship

Our efforts to make a difference in the society are now enhanced by the establishment of the AstraQom Scholarship, a private grant nurturing superior academic achievement of students in each of the countries we serve.

Supporting College and University students

AstraQom is looking to support college and university students with academic and leadership qualities who are potentially the future leaders of our world.

Japan Scholarships


Our Financial Aid is open to all disciplines, so students can choose their course of study.


All universities or colleges recognized by the Japan Government are eligible.


It is open to all students with special talents or excellent academic results who require financial aid.


AstraQom awards one scholarship in each country where it operates.


The Scholarship provides up to 10 000 USD per year for tuition fees.

Who qualifies to apply for financial aid?

Aspiring applicants are advised to take the following into consideration:

  • astraqom_circle_checkThe AstraQom Scholarship will be awarded based on academic excellence, extra-curricular interests, potential and financial need.
  • astraqom_circle_checkThe applicant must be a citizen or resident of Japan. Alternatively must hold a valid student visa and be admitted into a programme at a local University or College.
  • astraqom_circle_checkStudents who are awarded the scholarship must maintain an A average to continue being supported for the following academic year.

How to apply

Applicants are required to approach the university of choice before the scholarship selection process. The application consists in:

  • astraqom_circle_checkScanned documents and diplomas describing academic results.
  • astraqom_circle_checkA brief presentation covering personal interests, desired career, institution(s) considered, other details regarding qualifications or work in the desired field, etc.
  • astraqom_circle_checkA resume
  • astraqom_circle_checkTwo letters of recommendation from representatives of the graduated institution, the applicant’s college or university of choice and others considered relevant.
  • astraqom_circle_checkShortlisted candidates will be contacted for a virtual interview.
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