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Hosted PBX with vTiger Integration

Enjoy the benefits of having a Hosted PBX already integrated with Hosted vTiger. Talk to us today about this combo.

CTI (short for Computer Telephony Integration)
is a technology that allows you to send commands to your phone system from a computer.

In the case of your Vtiger CRM, this means that the Vtiger and PBX integration will enable data exchanges between the two platforms, making CRM information available in the PBX and the other way around.

In today’s fast paced business environment CRM Integration plays a major role and is one of the first automation project companies deploy.

CTI from AstraQom Lithuania

Hosted PBX with Vtiger Integrated

Data security

The risk of intrusion is always present

The risk of intrusion is always present

The risk of intrusion is always present when it comes to Internet based services and applications.

AstraQom Lithuania- High data security


AstraQom will enable the interaction between your CRM and Hosted PBX preventing malicious access to or use of your company’s business phone system and CRM database.

AstraQom Lithuania- Protection


Our engineers work tirelessly to avoid any breach in the systems that could cause you the loss of data/communication privacy or unauthorized access to your company’s internal documents/customer information.

Interactions with a click

Send and receive faxes straight from/to your CRM system.

Interactions with a click from Lithuania

Thanks to your integrated Vtiger and PBX contact

phone numbers in your database become links that generate a call once clicked. Your employees will never have to dial (or misdial) a number manually again.

CRM Integration helps you create a great first impression.

Having a popup on the screen indicating the account of your caller saves time and energy identifying the account, while calling the customer by his name right away gives a personal touch to the call.





  • 1 DID
  • 1 phone line
  • 2000 landline and 500 mobile minutes
  • Fully featured phone line
  • 10GB Call Recording storage

Integration features:

  • Click to call;
  • Caller info pop-up window for incoming calls;
  • Option to create Leads, Contacts and Accounts from a new incoming call screen;
  • Automatic CRM call logs on the corresponding Account, Contact or Lead, with the option to save
    notes on the call and create a new Task related to it;
  • Links to listen and download calls from CRM;


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Includes:popular package

  • 1 DID
  • 1 phone line
  • 2000 landline and 500 mobile minutes
  • Fully featured phone line
  • 30GB Call Recording storage

Integration features:

  • Starter features, plus:
  • Outlook integration;
  • Integrated Softphone;
  • PDF Maker for invoices, sales orders and purchase orders.


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  • 1 DID
  • 1 phone line
  • 2000 landline and 500 mobile minutes
  • Fully featured phone line
  • 50GB Call Recording storage

Integration features:

  • Professional features, plus 3 additional modules
    of choice from the list below:
  • Customer portal
  • Custom metrics in the Dashboard
  • Gmail and Google Sync – Emails, Calendar, contacts, documents
  • Excel exporter
  • DropBox integration
  • Google Address Lookup
  • Word document creator.

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Streamlined processes

Streamlined processes from AstraQom Lithuania

Eliminate the pressure on your customer service agents by building an integrated IVR to serve as a self-care system (to read account balances, make changes, etc.)

Maintain an accurate account history using the description of every call as a reference.

Evaluate your employees faster by analyzing their activity in one system: tasks, emails and phone calls.

Allows users to log in as a call center agent from only one integrated CRM and PBX system.

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