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NetSuite integration with PBX

Experience seamless integration of your NetSuite CRM
NetSuite integration with PBX Norway from AstraQom Norway

NetSuite is a well-known cloud CRM application featuring all the components a business needs throughout the entire lifecycle of a customer.

Integrating NetSuite with a Hosted PBX completes your company’s automation efforts giving your employees easier control over the processes, procedures and customer interactions.

CTI technology allows for faster call treatment, perfectly accurate activity reports and reduced risk of human error.

NetSuite Integration with VOIP PBX

Data security

NetSuite Integration with VoIP PBX Norway - Data security


You might think that sharing information from one of your most crucial systems with another platform is a risk to your internal data security, and you are right.

NetSuite Integration with VoIP PBX Norway - Data security


The integration of your NetSuite CRM with PBX or other systems must be done by experienced professionals who can ensure that your confidential data is protected.

NetSuite Integration with VoIP PBX Norway - Data security

The most complex encryption methods

AstraQom’s expert developers and engineers use the most complex encryption methods to prevent your CTI system from being fraudulently accessed.

Easy call handling

Make a call by clicking any phone number in the CRM system.

NetSuite Integration with VOIP hosted PBX Norway - Data security

Identify clients at a glance by using the most popular CTI system feature: incoming call pop-up.

This option displays the CRM record of a caller upon receiving a call by matching its Caller ID with the number stored in NetSuite.

Create a multiple-submenu self-care feature in your business phone system so your customers can find information by calling in at any time without a representative having to be available.

The integrated IVR will read the details from the NetSuite account.

Streamlined processes

Prevent human error (calling the wrong numbers by dialling incorrectly, searching the database with the customer’s incorrect number and thus pulling up the wrong account, forgetting to log a call, etc.)

Get rid of your old fax machine, fax software or mobile subscriptions by sending faxes and SMS from NetSuite

Maintain an accurate account history by accessing every call recording through a CRM link.

NetSuite Integration with VoIP PBX Norway streamlined processes from AstraQom Norway

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