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Time to let clients call on your Peru Toll-free number and save

Peru toll-free Numbers  add a positive image to your brand. Research shows that people prefer usually to call either local numbers or toll-free numbers. Improve the opportunity to let leads and clients phone you without them paying.


AstraQom Peru has been providing Peru Toll-free numbers for over 10 years.  With facilities using very modern routing systems, we offer 1800, 1888, 1877, 1866, 1855, 1844, 1833 number for Canadian business. We also usually are able to allow you to take calls from both Peru and the USA on your Peru toll free number.


We offer also Peru Vanity Numbers. Talk to us about Memorable Numbers like 1-888-Something. Our huge database of Peru toll-free numbers makes it easier to find a range of numbers for most needs.


Have a toll-free number already and need better rates and quality? You can keep the number and simply move it to AstraQom Peru without needing a new one.

Switch to Quality, Affordable Peru Toll-free Services today!

Tollfree numbers are fast getting finished. Having one for your company is a very affordable investment that is likely to benefit you for years to come. Let people reach you from far and near on that single number even as they pay nothing and you pay an affordable rate for receiving their call.

  • Toll Free Pay As You Go
    • PEN 106.00 Monthly
      • 1 Toll Free phone number
      • Toll Free calls PEN 1.19/minute
      • Additional Toll Free numbers PEN 70.00

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  • Toll Free 70
    • PEN 178.00 Monthly
      • 1 Toll Free phone number
      • 70 Toll free minutes
      • Additional calls PEN 1.11/minute
      • Additional Toll Free numbers PEN 70.00

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  • Toll Free 140
    • PEN 253.00 Monthly
      • 1 Toll Free phone number
      • 140 Toll free minutes
      • Additional calls PEN 1.08/minute
      • Additional Toll Free numbers PEN 70.00

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  • Toll Free 300
    • PEN 400.00 Monthly
      • 1 Toll Free phone number
      • 300 Toll free minutes
      • Additional calls PEN 1.04/minute
      • Additional Toll Free numbers PEN 70.00

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Peru Toll-free Service

What do I need to use this service?

The AstraQom Peru Toll-free service requires a number to forward calls to. When set up, people call your tollfree number and we route it to our Advanced Call Distribution System that will automatically swiftly send the call to the other number you provided and it rings.

Do you require a contract period?

All clients requiring our Tollfree numbers for Peru are required to enter into a 30 (thirty day) auto renewing contract that requires a 30 – day notice to cancel. If you require a contract for a longer term, simply contract and it shall be made available to you.

I want to sign up. What do you need to set my account up?

Thank you for choosing AstraQom Peru 🙂  Signing up is easy, simply pick the exact service you need on this page, pay up and we shall configure it.

How long does it take to set me up?

We endeavor to have your account set up, tested and ready for use within two business days. We shall let you know of any issues encountered once we discover that the request requires more than two days. Such notification is offered soon after order is received so that you can plan.

What payment methods are available to customers?

We have gone paperless and thus do not accept checks any longer. In Peru, you are able to pay by Interac, EFT, Visa, Mastercard. We shall gladly provide any details you need.

Talk to any of our consultants today about your Peru Toll-free for your business phone needs