Papua New Guinea Mass Voice Broadcast, SMS, Fax

Mass Voice, Mass SMS, Mass Fax Broadcast for Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea Mass Voice Broadcast, Papua New Guinea SMS Broadcast & Papua New Guinea Fax Broadcast

Mass Broadcasting is a very powerful efficient marketing practice enabling marketers to reach thousands of potential clients without having to manually contact them. With an intuitive interface, easy integration with other systems, and numerous features, AstraQom’s  Mass Broadcasting platform is a must for any professional marketing campaign. The complete telemarketing software is able to offer Papua New Guinea Voice Broadcasting (also known as Robocalls for Papua New Guinea), Papua New Guinea SMS Broadcast or Mass Message Broadcasting for Papua New Guinea, Fax and Email campaigns with features like Answering Machine Detection, Do Not Call Lists and Advanced Campaign Management and Scheduling settings.


Mass Voice broadcast (or Robocall) is an efficient way of reaching many people at once and delivering desired messages. We have seen customers use this as an Appointment Reminding Service, some have used this to deliver political messages to electorates, companies use this to deliver mass messages to clients, some have used it to promote products, and more. It is a versatile tool able to serve in multiple ways.

Thinking of running a survey? Delivering a political message? Providing reminders?  Our Mass Voice Broadcast System is designed to meet a variety of needs. Talk to us today!

FFax broadcast services from AstraQom are designed to make it very easy to reach a large number of people by fax. Our efficient Papua New Guinea fax broadcast system is able to send out many faxes at the same time to pre-loaded fax numbers across Papua New Guinea. We can program your fax to be out at specific times on specific days. With a capacity to fax blast a few faxes as well as thousands, our system is very versatile. Talk to us today about your Papua New Guinea fax broadcast plans and let us work together on them.

SNeed to reach a lot of people who are likely to check messages frequently? Today people tend to check and respond to SMS text messaging faster than emails or telephone calls. Do you have a message you wish to broadcast to people who have cell phones and are located in Papua New Guinea? We can help you achieve this gladly. Our sophisticated Papua New Guinea SMS Broadcast Platform is capable of delivering many thousands of SMS Text Messages. Need a survey? Want to thank your clients? Need to remind clients of invoices that have not been paid? Need to run a political campaign? Talk to us today.

Why Mass Voice, SMS or Fax Broadcast?

Broadcasting saves businesses significant time and resources. No matter your industry you can always count on our mass broadcasting system to keep you in contact with your current and potential clients. You can use it to send SMS notifications to your clients containing important updates or new offers, run phone surveys related to your products, services, or quality of your Customer Care, send pre-recorded messages to remind your customers of due invoices or pending renewals, and many more. Talk to our team of experts today!


We actively monitor and provide reports on campaigns allowing clients to know which persons were contacted and transmissions that failed. AstraQom Papua New Guinea has the capability of sending mass message broadcasting for Papua New Guinea and Robocalls for Papua New Guinea for many thousands of people per blast. Using our management interface, administrators can easily manage and make changes.

Mass Voice Broadcast Papua New GuineaTalk to us about your mass voice, mass texts, mass fax needs today