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White-label VoIP Reseller Programme

Launch your own VoIP Service in your name backed by world-class support!
AstraQom’s Channel Partner Program

AstraQom’s Channel Partner Program is designed to foster business relationships that promote success and innovation. Our innovative VoIP reseller program offers the opportunity to step into the world of business communications at any level.

White-label VoIP Reseller Program from AstraQom Romania

A partnership with a Business VoIP Provider like AstraQom will give you the edge you need to provide robust communications services to your clientele. This will allow each member to create further business in a rapidly profitable approach. As our commitment and values are targeted to provide our partners the unique ability to become part of a client-focused roster of customizable VoIP services in the business world, online business industry, and even ISP industries, our free VoIP reseller program is poised to drive success from the very start.

How our VoIP reseller program works

Whether you are an established company and wish to add complementary services to your existing IT solutions or you are just starting a business and want to become a VoIP provider, the AstraQom Reseller Program will enable you to become a successful VoIP service provider for your customers without the need to build your own network.

How VoIP reseller program works from AstraQom Romania

Sales and branding

AstraQom will provide you with white label VoIP service, which you will be re-branding and sell as your own VoIP solution. You will receive special pricing, discounted from the AstraQom official rates, while setting your own price

How VoIP reseller program works from AstraQom Romania


At the end of each billing cycle, we will send one invoice containing detailed billing for your accounts, based on which you will be able to issue your invoices. If you do not have a billing system, AstraQom is able to set up a branded billing server that will issue invoices for your customers with your company logo and pricing.

How VoIP reseller program works from AstraQom Romania

Customer Support

As a Reseller, you will be the only provider that your customers will know. You will be able to provide them with support directly, including sales, account inquiries, first level technical support, ordering and billing. Should you prefer to use AstraQom’s resources for customer support as well, we can communicate with your customers in your name.

How VoIP reseller program works from AstraQom Romania


We provide our Resellers with a selection of VoIP phones models that can also be resold to end users. You can choose our IP Phones, sell your own line of VoIP devices and/ or allow your customers to bring their own devices.

Why choose the AstraQom VoIP Reseller Program?

Become an international VoIP reseller by partnering with AstraQom, an inspirational, innovative international Business VoIP Provider with a focus on customization and excellent client experiences.

AstraQom is the #1 provider of customized solutions for Business VoIP Telephony, Unified Communications, Secure Networks, ERP Solutions and Online Business Development.

Our VoIP reseller private label program provides you with the support services, information, tools and technology that enable you to accelerate business growth and provide effective business solutions.

Dedicated Channel Partner sales path support in place to ensure you have access to the information and services you need to be fully successful.

Instant access to our specialized Partner Support Area and Help Desk allows you to answer questions quickly and with confidence.

Client support services are already in place; AstraQom services and solves post-sales issues for you.

What you get from our White label VoIP Reseller Programme

The AstraQom Reseller Program enables you to build a strong, healthy foundation of services for business VoIP communications and online marketing. Our program will give your business direct access to:

  • astraqom_circle_checkAn already built reliable network, with points of presence across Romania and the globe
  • astraqom_circle_checkTurnkey VoIP service packages and plans, ready to be used by your customers, offered to our VoIP Resellers at discounted prices with points of presence across Romania and the globe
  • astraqom_circle_checkHardware tested to ensure best performance
  • astraqom_circle_checkDedicated Account Manager allocated to you right from the start
  • astraqom_circle_checkYou can be a VoIP Reseller without having to invest in any systems: AstraQom can provide you with billing systems, CRM and even Customer support, all branded with your company name

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Preferred time of contact AmPmAnytime


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Example: 1.613.699.8080 (Country Code + Area Code + Number)

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