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SugarCRM VoIP Integration

We’d love to support your opensource projects with our varied expertise. Talk to us.

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Experienced and Versatile Engineers

We work with flexible Open Source VoIP solutions that can be tailored according to your business’ needs.

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We help you select, install and deploy your preferred Telephony solution.

Global multilingual team of engineers

Get knowledgeable business telephone consultants to manage your deployment without having to have them on your payroll.

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We accelerate your success by minimizing the time it would take to implement your VoIP Open Source solutions without specialised help.

No surprises.

No surprises. All the Open Source VoIP software solutions we help you with have been previously installed and tested by our experts.

customized solution from AstraQom Slovenia

We know Voice Over IP. Get your customized solution from an established Business VoIP Provider that can handle both your system and its integration with a VoIP network.

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Opensource VoIP projects we can assist with

Here’s a short list of flexible free Telephony solutions we can help you install and customize for your business

AstraQom Slovenia- FreeSWITCH
AstraQom Slovenia- Fusion PBX
AstraQom Slovenia-Kamailio
AstraQom Slovenia- Asterisk
AstraQom Slovenia- Blue Box
AstraQom Slovenia- OTRS
AstraQom Slovenia- Nagios

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