Starting a business in the telecom industry as a VoIP Reseller

The telecom market is a fierce one, and building a network to compete with the giant existing players proves to be an extremely costly operation. However, instead of competing with the new comers, established VoIP providers have come up with a solution to support their debut and growth.

That was done by introducing VoIP Reseller programs, allowing small businesses that don’t have their own network to use that of the main provider, while selling the same services under their own brand.

What are the advantages of being a VoIP Reseller?

  • The Reseller does not require a network to start their business; all the network facilities and configurations belong to the main VoIP Provider;
  • Limited responsibilities in front of regulatory authorities;
  • Access to all the main provider’s services at special prices, which allows the VoIP Reseller to remain competitive and attract customers;
  • Access to new technologies without having to spend on research and development;
  • By not using their budgets on network or innovations, VoIP Resellers have the opportunity to invest in business development and build their brand.

What you need to become a Reseller

  • Your main focus as a VoIP Reseller is to bring customers, so the most important aspect of the business is the sales force and marketing tools. Providers usually have training programs so the sales team can learn everything there is to know about the VoIP services;
  • A Billing platform. The Provider will gather all customer services in one invoice, from which you will take the detailed items of your customers and create your own invoices containing your prices and branded with your name;
  • A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. This will allow you to maintain a permanent database of your customers, leads and operations;
  • Customer Support. The customers you bring only know you as their carrier, so all interactions are done with your company’s name; this includes customer care, billing, technical support, ordering, etc.;
  • Usually there are some enrollment fees that the main Provider might charge for setup and branding (for example the domains and logos of your customer portal, voicemail server, etc.).

Most VoIP Providers offer the option to issue branded invoices in your name, taking over the entire billing process for you, as an additional service. The same happens with Customer Support and CRM systems, leaving only the sales part of the process as your responsibility. This is extremely convenient especially for a start-up who does not afford to employ many people or install business systems. Basically the entire process of becoming a VoIP Provider through a VoIP Reseller Program is as easy and cheap as it can be. That, coupled with some business wisdom and selling skills from you, can turn a small startup into a prominent name in the telecom world, which sometimes becomes even more popular than the VoIP Provider whose VoIP phone systems it’s reselling.

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