Tonga Virtual Number or Global Number

6 aspects to consider when you get a Virtual Phone Number

If you search the Internet for a Virtual Phone Number you will find dozens of providers offering them; all promising you the best service and the most affordable prices.

Advantages of Tonga Real Estate Virtual Assistants

What are the advantages of getting an Answering Service for Real Estate?

Buying a property is one of the most important decisions a person makes in a lifetime, and since most times all the savings are on the line, the expectations are high. Clients expect a real

Astraqom Tonga VoIP Service Vs Google Voice

How to decide between Google Voice and a VoIP Provider

In their quest to find the best phone service for their home office or small business, many business owners often turn to the cheapest solution on the market to serve their communications needs. The majority

How Tonga On-Site IP PBX System Works

Hosted PBX features explained (2)

While in our previous article we’ve tackled some of the Hosted PBX features such as Answering Rules, Call Forwarding, Call Identifiers, Call Park or Call Queuing, today we continue our journey to discover everything there

How Tonga On-Site IP PBX System Works

Hosted PBX features explained (Part 1)

Hosted PBX is a telecom term becoming ubiquitous to more and more businesses that either implemented this business phone system or planning to in the very near future. From the few features of traditional landlines

SIP Trunks Tonga and IP Phone

7 signs it’s time to switch from landline to Hosted PBX

Not everything that’s new is better than something old. You’ve resisted it so far. Your phone system or phone lines do the job, so why should you switch to VoIP lines or a Hosted PBX?

How Tonga Cloud hosted PBX Works

VoIP Requirements. How to prepare for a Hosted PBX system

Whether you are just now starting to look into getting a VoIP phone system for your business or want to improve the service you already have, there are some elements that are crucial for the

SNOM 760 Business VoIP Phone Installation from AstraQom Tonga

Learn how to install the Snom 760 Business VoIP Phone

Although upon their launch in 1996 VoIP was not yet the widespread service that it is today, Snom IP Phones have pioneered the business phones market and contributed to the huge success of VoIP services,

Tonga SIP Trunking Questions and Answers

6 SIP Trunking questions answered

SIP Trunking is a VoIP service popular with medium and large businesses that have the resources and manpower to run an in-house PBX system.  It’s a conveniently priced VoIP solution and it gives businesses full

Sip Trunks Tonga, Hosted PBX Tonga, Virtual Numbers Tonga

What is the best phone system for a business?

Out of all the questions that any business owner tries to find the answer to online, this is one of the most frequent. We also notice that most frequent answers include offers from business VoIP

Tonga Virtual Number Service

6 aspects to consider when you buy a Virtual Number

If you search the Internet for a Virtual Number you will find tens of websites of providers offering them; all promise you the best service and the most affordable prices. But how to identify a

Tonga live answering services for real estate

The important benefits of Real Estate Answering Services

Buying a property is one of the most important decisions a person makes in a lifetime, and since most times all the savings are on the line, the expectations are high. Clients expect a real

Tonga VoIP Service, Tonga Voice-over internet, Tonga Local Virtual Number

Why choose a business VoIP Provider over Google Voice

  In their quest to find the best phone service for their home office or small business, many business owners often turn to the cheapest solution on the market to serve their communications needs. The

Tonga Toll Free Numbers frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about Toll Free Numbers

Toll Free Numbers (or 1800 numbers) are Virtual Numbers for businesses and individuals that allow the recipient of a call to pay the corresponding charges, enabling the callers to enjoy a call free of charges.

Tonga Virtual Call Center or Tonga Hosted Call Center

10 Reasons to switch to a Virtual Call Center right away

In light of the constantly changing business environment and increased interest in customer experience, Call Centers today, like many other businesses, have turned to technology to streamline their activities. According to a study regarding Contact

AstraQom Tonga Mobile Hosted PBX Advantages

What is and what are the advantages of a Mobile PBX?

The mass adoption of Smartphones from the end of the 2000’s onwards provided a great leeway for businesses that were very small or relying heavily on mobile technology. The availability of crucial business elements such

Comparison between Hosted PBX, SIP Trunking & On-site IP PBX and SIP Trunking & Software IP PBX

Hosted PBX vs. SIP Trunking – guide to choosing your PBX

This is it! You finally made the decision to drop your traditional landline and to embrace the new wonder of telecommunications that is VoIP. But…there’s another challenge before you get to enjoy all the advantages

Telephone Hacking or Fraud Prevention

How to prevent telephone hacking or fraud

As technology innovations are becoming more popular more and more businesses have access to advanced IT infrastructure, such as onsite IP PBX systems. The wide spread of easy to install equipment and open source software

Zoiper is our favorite SIP VoIP app for business in Tonga

What’s the best SIP VoIP app for business phone systems?

Before we go ahead and tell you about our recommended VoIP apps, it’s important that we clarify one thing: Is a VoIP app appropriate for business use? Our answer is yes, and we base that

AstraQom Tonga VoIP Tricks and Tips

8 Secrets of Hosted Phone Systems you didn’t know about

One of the biggest reasons of price for VoIP Providers is the possibility to make business phone systems work in dozens of ways, making them fit like a glove for every business. Often though, to

IP PBX Tonga VoIP tips that will save your startups money

7 new tips on saving your startup’s money using VoIP

We’ve all been startups at some point in time; we all know the struggles of a small team trying to do everything from marketing, to sales, support, billing, purchasing and all the other crucial business

How to save money with Tonga Hosted PBX System

How a hosted phone system can really save you money

Whether you own or manage a small business or an enterprise, keeping your budget in check is one of the crucial aspects of the business. And what could be better than technology to streamline business

How to enhance customer Experience with VoIP Tonga

How to improve customer service using VoIP technology

When it comes to winning customers’ business, it’s sometimes easy to attract them with promotions and special pricing, but competition is fierce and it takes a lot more effort to close a sale and keep

Guide to Tonga Local Number Portability (LNP)

Guide to Tonga Local Number Portability (LNP)

Local Number Portability (LNP) is the ability of a phone service user to retain their local phone number upon deciding to change their phone service provider. It is also known simply as Portability, Porting or

Questions about Tonga Hosted PBX from AstraQom

5 questions you should ask your VoIP Provider about your Hosted PBX

A good phone service is a good phone service. Period. Well….it’s not that simple. While a certain VoIP Provider or Hosted PBX system might be recommended by other businesses as being great, the best business

When do you need hosted PBX Tonga system

When do I need a Hosted PBX Phone System?

Would VoIP be the right type of business phone service for me? Is it fit for small businesses or big enterprises? How do I know it’s time to switch to a Hosted PBX? These and

Tonga VoIP Provider Key Questions

10 key questions your new VoIP provider will ask you

VoIP – this new wonder of technology has been helping businesses communicate efficiently for quite a while now and, if you’re a business looking to improve your image, budget and business processes, the decision to

How to make money as a Tonga VoIP Referral Agent

Earn money by selling VoIP as a VoIP Referral Agent

VoIP (Voice over IP) has become such a popular phone service in the last decade that everyone is at least considering a switch to the new feature-rich, low-budget service. And where’s demand there’s always money

Tonga Virtual Phone Number, Tonga Local Number, Tonga Global Number

How to get cheap business phone lines in Tonga using Virtual Numbers

We need to cut costs! You probably hear it a lot from your business accountant or often say it yourself. But when the success of a business is proportional with its reach and expansion requires

Tonga Virtual Receptionist, Tonga Phone Answering service, Tonga Live Answering, Tonga Virtual Office Assistant

Why are Virtual Receptionist services so popular with small businesses?

Virtual Receptionist, known under many names such as Phone Answering service, Live Answering or Virtual Office Assistant, is one of the many secondary services that derived from VoIP and based almost exclusively on this technology.

Tonga VoIP Technology and Tonga Voice Over IP PBX

How VoIP technology empowers work at home employees

Working at home has always been a niche market that was represented by a minority, featuring a limited type of jobs that could be done at home, such as writing and arts & crafts. With

AstraQom Tonga VoIP Reseller Program

Starting a business in the telecom industry as a VoIP Reseller

The telecom market is a fierce one, and building a network to compete with the giant existing players proves to be an extremely costly operation. However, instead of competing with the new comers, established VoIP

Tonga Hosted PBX for business

How Hosted PBX changed the way businesses communicate

We constantly evolve as a civilization and new innovative technologies are often the drivers of this evolution. As we make room for them in our daily activities, they change the way we do things and

Difference between Tonga SIP Trunking and PRI

SIP Trunking vs. PRI – what is the difference?

With the continuous rise of VoIP and improved Internet connections, more and more businesses today consider a switch from the traditional legacy PBXs running on PRIs to the fairly new SIP Trunk-based IP PBXs. A

SIP Trunks Tonga

What is SIP Trunking?

SIP Trunking is the method of delivering the voice signal from a VoIP service provider’s servers to a customer’s IP PBX using Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) communication protocol. A SIP Trunk is commonly known as

AstraQom VoIP Enhanced 911 or E911 for Emergency

Calling 911 from a VoIP line – what you need to know

How does VoIP 911 work and how is it different from traditional 911 The capacity to access emergency services has been a concern for businesses and residential consumers since the launch of VoIP. Meanwhile, VoIP

hosted PBX Tonga myths

8 Hosted PBX Myths Busted

Technology has always been surrounded by false assumptions that kept users reluctant. Most of them dissipate quickly; others, being repeated all over again, persist until they are even accepted as truths. But the rising popularity

Hosted PBX Features for business from AstraQom Tonga


There is no doubt that a Hosted PBX phone system has a wider range of features than the traditional PBX. Apart from the common features, such as: Caller ID, Call Waiting and Call Transfer, a

Tonga CRM and Hosted PBX Integration

CRM Integration: how to streamline business activities without breaking the bank

We keep hearing about streamlining a business’ processes, and consulting companies start their pitch by promising just that. While putting order in your activities and training your employees is effective, technology innovations seem to do

Tonga IP PBX voice quality issues

4 reasons why your IP phone could have voice quality issues

Voice quality has been one of the most important concerns related to the VoIP technology. Although very similar to the traditional landlines, the VoIP systems might be influenced by a different set of factors. These

Tonga cloud based phone system for small business

5 ways a Cloud-Based phone system can help a small business

Small businesses or start-ups are entities of their own in the business community, having so many unique characteristics that it’s difficult to get standard services to match their needs. VoIP however, due to its reputation

Tonga IP Phone Not Working

Is your IP phone not working? Check these quick fixes

VoIP Phones, also known as IP Phones, are normally very easy to use and don’t require much maintenance once they’re installed. There are however issues, most often related to outside factors or network configuration, that

Tonga Hosted PBX VS traditional PBX


What is a Hosted PBX? Hosted PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a private telephone network that uses the Internet Protocol (IP) as a communication protocol in order to connect the internal telephones within a business,

Tonga SIP Trunking System

How to choose the best IP Phone ?

IP Phones are the most important part of a VoIP deployment for all business types, as they represent much of the cost, and are what the user is going to interact with daily. And if

Outgoing and Incoming VoIP Call Issue

How to troubleshoot outgoing and incoming VoIP call issues

VoIP, as any phone system, is prone to issues that might or might not be related to your provider’s network. To identify the possible causes of your VoIP issues, follow these simple steps that might