What are the advantages of getting an Answering Service for Real Estate?

  1. Buying a property is one of the most important decisions a person makes in a lifetime, and since most times all the savings are on the line, the expectations are high. Clients expect a real estate broker to understand and focus on their needs, to work tirelessly until they find the perfect property, and to be always available with new updates. But how do you ensure the best treatment when you’re showing a property and new or existing are calling you?
  2. Answering services have become more and more popular especially with small businesses and companies having employees who spend a lot of their working hours outside the office, so real estate brokerage agencies are now given an opportunity to improve their services.
  3. In real estate, a sale usually starts with a phone call, and that phone call can make the difference between you and the next agent on the client’s list to call. If you miss a call, most customers don’t come back with a second one; that’s why a voicemail box or returning a call is not enough in this business, and this is where Answering Services for Real Estate come in. The Virtual Assistants take each and every call, interact professionally with your clients and ensure that you don’t lose business.
  4. Being a real estate agent often means you have to take calls outside business hours, and even during weekends. Having an Answering Service gives you more time and peace of mind knowing that your callers are attended even when you’re not at work.
  5. A Real Estate answering service improves your operational efficiency by saving you human resources to answer the phone. All the agents can now focus on their work, while still being aware of your clients’ needs. The Virtual Office operators will not just answer calls and take messages, they could tap into your scheduling system and add appointments, transfer calls or provide lockbox information to other real estate professionals.
  6. Budget savings. An office receptionist who could handle all your calls costs you thousands of dollars a month, while an Answering Service is only a few hundred dollars or less. Not to mention that you have evenings and sometimes weekends covered, your Virtual Assistant is not going anywhere at 5PM.
  7. The Answering service should become an extension of your Real Estate brokerage office. Your Virtual Receptionists are indispensable “employees” who will answer and redirect your calls, schedule appointments and answer standard questions. They can be the difference you need in a highly competitive market like the Real Estate, the best support your team of brokers needs.

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