What are the characteristics and advantages of a Mobile PBX?

The mass adoption of Smartphones from the end of the 2000’s onwards provided a great leeway for businesses that were very small or relying heavily on mobile technology. The availability of crucial business elements such as email, Internet access and Instant Messaging opened up opportunities for these businesses. The only thing missing – communication using the company’s main business lines – was achieved by the creation of SIP applications for mobile operating systems, leading to the creation of the Mobile PBX.

A mobile app functions the same way as a desktop IP Phone or desktop client, providing the opportunity to use an extension or direct number part of the company’s Hosted PBX.

How it works 

I would include a diagram showing how it’s connected, similar to the one we have on the Hosted PBX, but only with the smartphone:

Advantages of a Mobile PBX

  • Allows you to run your business from anywhere where there is an Internet connection;
  • Significantly decreases your business expenses by eliminating cell phone charges, roaming, and charges for calls made from the office to employees on the road;
  • Provides a single point of contact for partners and clients, making it easier to communicate;
  • Improves the business image of the company by greeting callers with a professional Auto Attendant, while a business run on cell phones is sometimes considered unstable or unreliable;
  • Provides a range of advanced telephone features that are not available on a cell phone network, such as Manager Call Monitoring (Barge-in), Call Recording, Call Park and direct access to conference rooms;
  • It maintains unified communications by keeping the phone line linked to other systems used by the business, such as voicemail platforms, collaboration solutions or integrated CRM systems;
  • Employees become more reachable as the employee can receive calls on multiple numbers, such as the main business line, a Toll Free Number, a Direct Number or a Local Virtual Number.


A Mobile PBX includes a cellphone into your centralized business phone system, converting it into a powerful and professional business communication tool, benefitting both big and small businesses by improving all key elements of communication

As an additional image if space allows, I was thinking of several people connected into a cloud, something like the 2 below:

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