When do I need a Hosted PBX Phone System?

Would VoIP be the right type of business phone service for me? Is it fit for small businesses or big enterprises? How do I know it’s time to switch to a Hosted PBX?

These and maybe other questions might come to your mind when you’re presented with the idea of giving up your traditional landline and turn your existing business phone system into a Hosted PBX. We here at AstraQom want to ensure that every business we serve makes an educated decision and finds answers to all questions.

With that in mind, we’ve created the profile of the business that uses a Hosted PBX for its communications. If you find yourself in any of the categories you can rest assured that a VoIP phone system is for you. So if you are:

A small business.  Having a Hosted PBX is a blessing for an SMB; it gives you a professional image (even if you’re working out of a home office) by using an IVR with a professional greeting and organized options to reach each member of the team, mobility for your “road warriors” and it’s flexible so you don’t have to worry about changing it when business is growing.

An enterprise.  The bigger the business, the more need for customized solutions; VoIP is known for just that – the possibility to use various features and settings to achieve a personalized experience for users and callers. Another great advantage of a Hosted PBX system is that it can be used for multiple locations, facilitating inter-office communication and further expansion.

Looking to save money. Hosted PBX systems are notorious for bringing huge savings compared to traditional business phones systems. They can reduce the budget for communications even by 50%, the budget for IT employees and can even replace a receptionist.

Looking to expand physically or virtually. Reaching more customers is the ultimate goal of every business, big or small, and adding more locations is really easy when you use VoIP, since no installation is needed. Your Toronto Hosted PBX will be connected to your Vancouver PBX, your Montreal PBX, etc. with free calls between them (instead of high long distance charges) and local access for customers whether you have an office in the city or not. But that’s not all! You can integrate an additional or main number from countries in Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, etc.

….a Hosted PBX Phone System is what you need.

Last but not least, if you’re looking for a reliable business phone system, be careful when shopping for a Hosted PBX. If it’s too cheap, it might have some hidden costs you don’t know about, or the service could be unreliable, one of those “server in a basement” VoIP Providers. Also, their coverage might be comprehensive, but you need to be careful and ask your provider about his servers across Canada and the world, to avoid delays. Unlike other providers, AstraQom has on all continents, so no matter from where you connect to your phone system there will be no delays.


When do I need a hosted PBX Canada phone system